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This doesn't specifically apply to cross but I figure there are some knowledgeable people on here.

I seem to be having trouble recovering the last few days. I pretty much took a break from training over the Christmas period, then picked up again with some running on Sunday evening. Only ran for about 30 minutes, not too hard.

I seem to have struggled to recover for some reason, with my muscles feeling almost bruised. This has carried on for the last two days - I've done no more real training - and then are still a little tender today to press. Any ideas why this would be? I've no had any major problems all season.


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if it has been a long time since you've run, you probably over did it with 30 minutes, two schools of thought. Wait till the soreness subsides, or run immediately.

I have found the run immediately helps progress faster with the running (ie running back to back to back - 3-4 days in a row).
That's funny. I did the same thing you did. Took a quick break and started running the day after X-mas. I only ran for 20 mins. The next 3 days I could hardly walk. I have ran 2 more times since and did not have any more soreness. Like the other guys said... how long has it been since you ran? This is probably the issue. You are working different muscle groups and causing your quads to flop around and pound in your legs with every step. I would say try to run again. You should be OK.
When I ran Sunday, it had been over a week. I think the last time I had run before that had been Wednesday 16th. It was a pretty steady run, although there was a set of steps with maybe 25 steps.

I usually train back to back days during the week, not really noticed soreness like this. It could have been there but I ignored it or riding in the evening is helping my muscles somehow!

I did wonder if it was somehow related to diet - since my season effectively ended on Sunday 20th when I broke the headset on my bike, I've not eaten particularly healthily or what I'd normally eat.

Nutrition would have been my next guess. Especially lack of proper hydration will affect fatigue and soreness. With all the candy, baked goods, and beer around and lack of normal routines, it all adds up.
I was thinking the same. A few late nights too.


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