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I have been looking to upgrade the fork on my '07 Conquest Pro. 


I found a screaming deal on an Easton EC70 fork that I have heard good things about.  The question is:  will it be much if any better than my current fork? 


The Redline fork get's the job done and is a reasonable weight...but I have been wondering if the beefier Easton is any stiffer than the Redline or might track and corner a little better? 







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Not sure about the Easton specifically, but I upgraded to an Alpha Q fork on the redline bike and it was so much better. It was like a new bike.
Which Alpha Q fork? I was bummed to read that they are no longer in production. What was the biggest difference you noticed between the forks?

It was a cx-20. I wanted the alloy steertube and this fit the bill.

I'm pretty sure they are still producing these forks. They still have them listed on their website . I can look into getting one if you really want to pursue that.

I can also see that some have recommended the Edge forks, which I think are also a great option. I don't have much experience first hand with their parts, but the wheels are very nice and I would assume their pursuit of carbon perfection would translate over to the parts division.
The Easton EC70 fork shudders more than any other fork I've ever used. It may be fixed with a fork mounted cable hanger, but I don't know that I'd take the chance.
Wow...that does not sound good!

What brand frame and fork are you currently using?

I'm currently riding a Stevens Carbon frame and fork. I've also ridden a number of other 'cross bikes and nothing was as bad as the Easton EC70. After seeing the new 2011 bikes it seems most companies understand that going super light isn't the way to do it. Most of the new bikes have redesigned forks that are much beefier and shouldn't have any trouble with fork/brake shudder. The latest issue of Cyclocross Magazine has a great Fork review, take a look and find something else. It seems like Edge was the way to go.
I figured the EC70 (not very light) would be much better than the EC70 which can be troublesome. Then again the cyclocross world team rides them! I have used 3 other forks including a full aluminum Redline with no issues so I am suprised to hear the EC70 was so bad. What brakes were you using?
TRP EuroX, not sure if the pads were black or red.


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