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Does anyone rip off their tires and reglue them mid season? I rolled a tire today because I took a u-turn way too hot and there was a step in the transition from the pavement to grass in the apex. Just wondering if anyone does it as mid-season maintenance or just reglue them if you roll one. I always reglue my tires every season though.

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I usually just keep checking them. If at any section you can feel some give (or worse, pull it off the rim) it's time to re-glue. it's never an issue unless using a new tire/rim combo, which lately has been very common. some folks try to inject a little glue in there but I'd rather not.

hope you didn't get hurt from the roll.

curious as to the rim/tire combo. did it look like the glue made good contact across the width of the rim?
A lot of people rolled tires yesterday. Super fast course with lots of turns. I also suspect people haven't checked their tires in awhile since the weather was so wet in Oct.
Probably a combination of the wet weather and the super fast course. I rolled a Fango on a Reynolds carbon rim.
To chime in on "checking the tires after wet weather" from Chris:

If you're 1) not using the Belgian method or 2) using 3M FastTack you need to check your tire/rim contact after all wet races, pressure washing or general "sitting around".

RE 1): Even if you're using Vittoria Mastik One the contact between the rim and the tire can erode after a half season of double race weekends. This happens on the road, too. One year in the crit at Univest, my buddy rolled his tubular after Saturday's torrential downpour of a road race. What happens is the base cotton on the tire becomes saturated with water and causes the glue to lose its effectiveness. I use the word "effectiveness" specifically because you'll still get a sticky mess under the tire and on the rim, but its not quite enough to hold a tire on the rim, especially at CX pressures.

RE 2) 3M FastTack is water soluble. Its not UCI legal and if you roll a tire in a race and the official see you've used 3M you can get penalized. I've never actually seen this rule be enforced, but its buried in there somewhere. I'm not going to trudge through the UCI handbook to quote it, so don't ask.

I think I've linked this like three times tonight already, but check out my tutorial on gluing tubulars for 'cross. At the pressures we race, you should have a contact for your tires where even when 100% deflated you need a knife to cut the tire off the rim.
That's really good information to have, for sure.

My point was no one's glue job had been checked by fast off cambers since Oct was a muddy slog most weekends.


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