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We are designing our own fork to come out with the Psychlo X RSL and will be able to run this fork on any of our Psychlo X line.


If you have replaced a fork on your cross bike as of late...what did you go with? Any why?


Hit me with some thoughts!




Jon Cariveau


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Last August, just before the start of the season, I replaced the fork on my 2000 Kona Jake the Snake with a new Ritchey WCS full carbon fork.  I chose the Ritchey because of some reviews I'd read that stated it did a good job of soaking up vibration without being too noodley.  I also liked the weight, price point and looks of the fork.  It has turned out to be an awesome addition to the bike and has lived up to the reviews I'd read.

Note that I recently purchased a new Van Dessel Gin & Trombones.  The fork on the G&T is has massive legs, a 1.125" to 1.5" steerer and creates an amazing stiff front end.  With all that, the fork still manages to make the ride as comfortable as I would want it.  While I can induce a little brake chatter with the Ritchey fork while riding in wet conditions and braking very hard, I have been unable to induce brake chatter with the G&T fork under any conditions.


While I really like the Ritchey fork, the Van Dessel fork out performs it.  The one think the Ritchey has going for it is that it is lighter than the Van Dessel but I suspect the Van Dessel's weight is due to the massive fork legs and it is these legs that eliminate the brake chatter. 


Thanks for the insight.  We are designing this to be stiff under braking and have the option of a crown mounted brake hanger. 


We are doing our best to balance them all...chatter, bump absorption, weight.


thanks again,



One thing I always look for in a fork these days is a crown that is drilled through.  Two reasons for this a) I prefer the crown mounted brake stop, and b) during the off season in seattle cross bikes be come rain bikes so being able to mount the fenders there is a plus.




Our fork will have the drilled crown for a brake mount option and allow our Pacific NW friends to run those fenders.  Not that we don't run fenders's just not as long.


many thanks for the input!


Jon@ Moots

I have ridden several from the cheap Nashbar cross fork to a Moots PsycloX (not sure what was on it but it was the older 6/4 Ti construction. Loved that one, raced it at CO State Championships (my Litespeed is in possesion of cops as evidence: got hit in accident and pending trial). I rode a AlphaQ 10 but the dropout inserts broke and none were left so I got the AlphaQ cx20, which i love but is not as stiff as the 10 was. The Nashbar fork is mushy and soft. The Bontrager? fork on my 08 Trek XO has so much chatter it made me nervous. So, guess the fork should be stiff, massive mud clearence, compliant, and absorb vibrations without sacrificing control and it should be super light but beefy. Re-reading this, seems like I want it all. Definately a hole in the crown for option of a hanger, but the good forks I have ridden that has not been needed. Someone is going to bring up disk tabs, and I am gonna have to hold my mouth shut or rather keep my fingers off the keyboard.


Thanks for the input.

I too have to watch my mouth when it comes to the disc brake thing...

Call me oldschool cx.


again, Thanks for the input.



I have a Ritchey Breakaway that I use for touring that came with the entry level Ritchey cross fork.  I will probably buy another as a replacement for my race bike because the tire clearance is huge.  This is important, not necessarily for running wide tires, but for easy tire changes during a race when getting a new, inflated tire in between a set of fresh brake pads can be a challenge.  The geometry of the legs (broad and thin) I think also gives superior braking stiffness.



Thanks for the insight, we are designing this to be easy to remove wheels, and have loads of room.



With all the work you're putting into it, it seems like you may have a market outside of the RSL frameset... Are you planning on offering the fork separately?


That could be possible, aftermarket? For other frames out there?


We'd like to hear some feedback on that one.






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