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I was wondering something today.  Is it possible to ride too many bikes with cross training and deal with everything else in your life?  I have several bikes that I like to ride.  A roadie, single speed for commuting, flatland bmx for tricks, 29er for bad weather and my cross bike.  I feel to get anywhere adequate skill wise, I must manage my time better but ride lots.  An hour or so on the road, an hour of flatland, some time for cross, etc.  Throw in work and family things, time is almost at a premium.  Does anyone else have this problem?  How do you sort it out?   I'm not looking to become the next J-Pow or Andy Schleck or Mat Hoffman.  I always have fun when I ride but I don't want to suck either.  Placing top 20 in my class (4b) would be my highest aspiration  Any thoughts?

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Are you me?


29'ers, SS, 'cross, road AND flatland?

I'm in the same boat! I've been re-addicted to my flatland bike after about a 10yr hiatus, and I participate in road events (TT tonight), MTB events (100k race in a month), and I love 'cross. I just ride what I can, when I can, and have as much fun as possible. Sometimes the legs are trashed after a hard road or mtb ride, so the flatland bike suffers, and as of lately, some days I waste some time flailing around in a parking lot rather than long miles on the road or trail...

What you and I SHOULD do, is start a special cycling competition that's like a decathalon!

Nice flat skills!  Love that no handed backyard and the cross footed stick-b.  We may be brothers from a different mother.


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