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I'm talking about the old-school 8-speed Shimergo setup. Currently I'm running a Rival 10sp setup and while it's not bad, I'm wondering about selling it, pocketing some cash and going with the Shimergo setup. 8 speed chains and cassettes are (comparitively) dirt-cheap and possibly more reliable. More reliable would be a good thing as I tend to ride anywhere at anytime and have been known to be abusive at times. In addition the front derailler has been temperamental. All the mechanics say that SRAM's front der. are very finicky.

Keep in mind that I'm in my second season, and a very steady C rider - the two extra cogs aren't really of that much benefit to me.

Any real reasons to stick with the Rival setup instead?

Thanks for the time and input.


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IMO, SRAM sucks because you can't trim. I prefer to have the granularity that comes with a 10 speed cassette but perhaps the 9 speed Shimergo set up is a good middle ground.
Granularity?  Whatever that means, I'm not thinking about it in the middle of a race.  I've been on 8 speed shimergo for several seasons now, love it, don't see any reason to change for all the reasons you already know.  Shifting is fast and flawless front (Mirage FD) and back (105 RD), I run two bikes like that, except the second bike also has a 105 FD.  The Campy front derailler seems to shift a little faster with less trim needed than the 105 on the other bike, but no complaints with either, both are very fast with just a 7 tooth jump between the chain rings.  My favorite gearing is 13-26 in the rear and up front a 36 combined with a 43t BMX ring, no ramps or pins needed. My experience supporting team mates in the pits has been that my 8 speed setup is indeed more reliable than normal 10 speeds that tend to get more gunked up faster with mud, grass and frozen crud. 8 speed chains are also stronger as they don't need to flex as much. And replacement parts are SO much cheaper!  I have Veloce (2008) on one bike, Centaur (2008) on the other, I can't tell the difference between them, they set up, shift and look pretty much the same.
After 2 seasons of a Shimergo setup I am 100% sold on it. My vote, ditch the Sram stuff...immediately!

I dig my 8 speed shimergo too - reliable, low-maintenance, great in the real muck and I can't help but smile when I replace a cassette and chain for less than $40.


MashinMike has a point though - I'm not saying I miss 10spd, but there is some "space between" with the 8spd.  I run a 1x8 - 42t front w/ an 11-30 cassette.  big enough gear range to cover anything, but that "perfect" gear isn't always there.  It's really the only drawback - and for some folks, it's not even an issue.


I'm not usually a fan of the mix-and-match, frankenbike set-ups ... but shimergo works.   

I tried running "newer" Shimergo - 2010 Centaur w/2011 Ultegra out back, and it was okay, but I couldn't make it reliable enough to race on.  Reading here, I guess the older stuff is where it's at.  Oh well.


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