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There are several options for sealant out there: Tufo, Stans, Vittoria Pit Stop, Slime, others?

1. Should I be using any of these in my tubular tires as a preventative measure? Are there any downsides?

2. Does it matter which one depending on what type (latex or butyl) inner tube?

I'd be interested in hearing your personal experiences with this stuff. Maybe anecdotes and stuff you heard too...

Season starts in a week! CROSS!!!

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Two other options: Hutchinson and CaffeLatex

I generally add Stan's sealant to tubulars for flat protection, it does add a bit of weight, I think several ounces of preventive medicine is worth it.
I've used Stan's to buy a few more rides out of older Challenge Grifo's that have developed slow leaks over time. The Challenge tires have latex innertubes, so I'm not sure how well the Stan's will work with butyl innertubes.
I've used both the Tufo sealant and the Stan's. For all intents and purposes they are the same. The sealants do give you more life, help prevent some flats and basically make it so you don't have to peel tubulars every time you get a flat. Like Josh says, preventative medicine is worth it.
Do I understand correctly that Stan's is safe to use on tubular challenge griffos? I've been warned against using it because of the tube material (like it would cause the tube to stick to itself once deflated) the guys at told me this. Assume it is ok for tufos, as they technically don't have a seperate "tube". Thanks
Use whatever you have without any worries, from my extensive use with MTB tires, upon opening up the sealed and 2 YEAR OLD stans sealed tires, the dry stans rubber has the strength of a rubber band at best. I find it virtually impossible to imagine a situation where it could keep your tube stuck together. even if you put your tire in a vise and let the stan's dry, the stans is the weak point in the bond, so once you inflate at any reasonable pressure, the stans will peal and your tire will inflate. It is designed to plug holes, not hold tires together with a chemical/mechanical bond like a tire patch's glue.

I use and have used Stans in my and my wife's assorted Dugasts, Grifos, Tufos, and Gommitalias with absolutely no problems and great results. That's MY experience, and I hear great things about the Caffelatex, but have no experience with anything but Stans. How's that saying go, "if it ain't broke, Stan's it before it is..." Maybe that isn't quite right, but whatever.

Now let's all stop reading this and go ride.
How much sealant are we talking about...for the preventative approach?
It should not dry in the tire/tube as long as it holds air. The sealant dries through contact with (fresh/circulating) air. It doesn't dry inside the tire.
Quarter to half a cup of the Stans.
I've used the Pit Stop in latex tubed road tubulars with good effect (tires have lasted way beyond the original puncture, basically until the tread wore), I'm not sure how much I would add to a CX tubbie as the pit stop inflates a road tire to about 90psi while sealing it. I guess with the larger volume of a CX tubbie it wouldn't be much of a problem, though.
I've had excellent luck with CaffeLatex in clincher road tires this year (and MTB tires as well). I plan to use it for CX tubulars this year. Recommend amount is 1/2- 1 oz.


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