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hell yes it should it would help the sport grow and friends and family could see what its all about
I am new to this part of cycling, but for as long as it's been around I would have thought it was an Olympic event
Naaaah. There's been talk here and there but IOC says the season's too short, too few countries participate and frankly it's more of an "autumn" sport than a winter one. (Clearly they missed US Nats in KC and Bend...)
It would probably quadruple the size of Belgium's Winter Olympics contingent, though...!
As a Canadian who hates Curling (fringe sport only played by a few countries) I say yes. I understand there is a stipulation that sports in the Winter Games must require snow or ice to be played. 'Cross obviously misses out there, since snow or ice isn't required - it's just more fun!
If BMX gets to be in the Olympics, then CX should as well. Oh, lord. I think I'm getting old and crotchety.
I think BMX got in because enough other countries (besides US, Canada and Australia -- the countries with the largest levels of participation historically) finally got into the sport in a big way and were able to organize a strong lobbying effort. As a former BMX'er I am glad it's in the Olympics, even if television hasn't quite figured out how to present it yet. (Word to NBC: BMX is NOT a monster truck rally.)
As for 'cross getting in, it would require a strong lobbying effort by more than one or two countries' federations for the IOC to notice. There have been a few murmurings, but only a few at this point. I predict that it will take at least a decade and maybe longer. But I'd like to see it happen.
Two points.

- Since they are talking about winter triathlon getting in they should allow CX

- Cross is way more entertaining the Ice Dancing and Curling.
While I don't know the first thing about curling, I have something to say about figure skating.
Figure skating has slinky, form-fitting costumes, choreography, and some of the most atrocious hair in the history of western civilization. That said, it's also a sport. People are doing gymnastics on skates, flips and spins and crazy jumps; and, if they get it right, landing on a VERY sharp blade that's 1/8 of an inch wide. If they don't get it right they fall hard on their unprotected asses on a giant block of ice. Then they get up and do it some more. And they're doing it in public.
I'd say a figure skater's quest for suffering in the pursuit of excellence is not entirely unlike a 'crosser's self-flagellating. Add in the similarly tight-fitting kits, the balletic coreography of leaping over barriers, and the high risk of slipping in muddy snow with a bike on your shoulder, and there are more than enough similarities between the two.
All competitions for winter olympic sports are to be contested on snow or ice according to the rules of the games. Yes, cyclocross can be competed on both ice and snow (as seen at the World Championships) but not necessarily. However cyclocross as a new winter olympic sport would show an acceptance of our changing environment. If there were a race in Vancouver at the moment, not only would it give the Belgians a medal but the skin suits wouldn't have a speck of mud on them.
Today Kona posted this link on their twitter account.

It's a start
Thanks for posting this! I've signed.
I believe it's worthy of a place in the 'Winter' Olympics. In many ways it's a purer winter sport than many of the sports we are seeing at the moment. What I mean is that cross can go ahead in mud/rain/snow/ice without assistance from mankind. The same can not be said of many of the sports we are watching right now. With enough $$$$$'s I'm pretty sure you could hold some of the current winter Olympic sports in the middle of the desert as they are so dependant on man made constructions and mechanical assistance.
Put it this way if it hadn't snowed, it wouldn't have stopped the games going ahead would it?


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