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i am still up in the air as far as wheather to shoulder a bike while going over barriers or to pull a ryan trebon and hold it by the seatpost and bar and hold it in front of me i wanna know what everyone thinks is easier and faster for dismount and remounting

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It must be really soft, loose dirt for Trebon...he looks like he going to grab the post to pull himself around the corner.
As far as picking up the bike, pick it up for a few steps and shoulder for longer then 10 yards. This is why you need to check the course, if possible. While you are training, you should practice both methods equally so that you can be smooth and not waste energy.
I think it would be highly effective to helicopter it around you or do the "Belgian scythe" and by holding the seatpost and seat, and let your momentum and gravity take care of your competitors.
I think the taller you are, the more options you probably have.

I'm 5' 7" and ride a Kona mountain bike for 'cross. The low-slung geometry doesn't allow me to use the "classic" 'cross carry. For barriers and very short runs I grab the handlebars and top tube; for longer run-ups (or the dreaded "six-pack", which MAY show up this week at Barton Park) I throw my very long arm over the tob tube, grab the downtube and carry with the saddle resting lighly on my shoulder (I added a layer of padding over the front half of the saddle rails to help this hurt a little less).


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