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Hey guys, I' like to get a spare wheelset for the CX season, and to use there after on the road, etc. and I need some advice.  I'm 200lbs, Cat 4, and I need to keep this wheelset cheap, ie, a used set but I'll need disc hubs plus I'm running tubeless.  I have not seen much discussion on wheels for the big guys, so what are some recommendations?    


thanks mucho,


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Tough requirements! I'm not sure that the cheap used disc 'cross wheel exists yet. I would sell you my Velocity disc pair for $300 but they are way out of true and 130mm rear.

Cole has a disc CX wheelset. What's your budget?

Yeah, I'm basically looking for what to avoid.  I actually have a set of Iron Cross wheels now for the race setup.  I taco'd the front wheel on my second ride, but afterward my wheel guy has a put a bit more tension on the laceup (+1 lbs all around). It was too bad that I had already dropped bank on the set, otherwise I may have gone another route.  After a bit of dial in with tires, pressures, etc, I think now they are going to be solid.  It wasn't until I researched on the Stan's forum that I found that they have a 45psi max, and a 200lbs rider on the edge I guess but I may put them up for sale once I find a different wheelset. 

Thanks for the advice and feedback. 

'Just got back from a night home and started to wash the bike and found the rear spokes loose as goose. Homme's taking the Iron Cross wheels back!

So is there a consensus that Iron Cross wheels come badly built? I just got a new set and am about to do my first race Saturday... I'm 180lb... gulp. One thing else I was expecting a 10spd hub but I think mine is 11spd - I put a surly spacer kit on anyways but thinking if I ever do gears I've got the wrong wheel. It was not clear where I bought it it was going to be 11spd. 

Maybe I should be preemptive and take them to a shop to tighten them up a bit?

So, after a bit of consideration and this discussion, I think I'm going to stop messing around and go with a Mavic Crossmax 29 wheel for the rear. I'll probably run the Iron Cross front for the rest of the season to allow the funds to replenish, then I'll probably get a Crossmax front.
Mike, you should be ok with them if you have them locktited, or do it yourself. But like Chad is right and you might want to reconsider them.

I'll check my spokes and trueness tomorrow. I've got three good rides on them so far. I ride single speed so do put some heft on them. Will expand my wheel search to include 29ers. I also saw some 26mm wide rim ones.

My wheels say "Comp" which are the cheaper/heavier ones with higher spoke count at least! 195lb max rider. The "Pro" are 185lb. Still a little close for my comfort (just weighed myself at 175). I just bought them as a great deal ($525 - 20%) and had read good things.  

Checked them today and they are straight still. I now have Ravens mounted instead of my Mud 2. I am going to look for another pair for training. Putting the Ravens on them is not the easiest - having a second set of wheels would be nice. I think I'll go to my LBS and see what they can build or maybe choose a well-known builder online.

Mike, at 175 you should be ok.  I'd have the LBS tighten the spokes, 1 lb more than stock, then have them lock tight the nipples.


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