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Specialized Tracer Pro (2Bliss Ready) thoughts after super sloppy race

Just thought I'd post a little diddy to let anyone who's curious about the Specialized Tracer Pro 2Bliss (tubeless) tires know how they've been treating me this year. I'm 220 and have them mounted tubeless with 2oz of Stans on Velocity a23 rims.

Both tires mounted up SUPER tight. You better have thumbs of steel or you WILL need tire levers. Of course this is a good thing for a tubeless setup. For the record, I fought Clement PDX's all season with burps last year. Of course they also mount up on most rims with little more than a gentle breeze.

In training and racing I've settles on 40psi in the rear and 38psi up front. I ride really soft, but most of the races here in middle TN happen on farms and farm ruts (or roots on single track) will kiss the rim under me at less than those pressures. At 38 up front and 40 in the rear I'll still ever so slightly kiss the rim if i catch the top of a barrier when hopping it too.

But of course, that's not what you spend most of the time in a race doing.


How do they do in the mud? Can those small knobs really provide adequate grip as they tout?

In a word, YES! And surprisingly well. Just yesterday I had a race that included 3 mud puddles with standing water deeper than bottom bracket and a 50 yard or so long section of 5-8 inch deep sticky farm mud. I do have a decent amount of technical skill, but I rode past many people who were slipping and falling in the mud. Sure I had a couple of squirms, but no slips. Even better is the tread profile shed the mud VERY quickly once back onto the grass.

I'm really liking how fast they are on the super dry grass. Haven't had them slip once in an off camber section.

Hope this info helps.

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Good review. I weigh 225#. I've run Trigger Sports 38c's down to 30’ish psi and lower with no problems except for maybe bottoming out over roots. Tracer Pro 33’s I need at 40 or a little more to avoid pinch flats. PDX' 33s I need at about 45-50 psi.

I'm running all clinchers on stock Axis 2.0 OEM wheels on my '14 Crux. Mostly riding MTB trails plus a local 'cross track and a little BMX pump track near my local MTB trails.


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