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Hello All.

well my fears about the fragility of frog cleats proved correct.

My first 20 minutes of practicing dismounts has destroyed my left cleat. If I stick to road riding I've got a few weeks life left in it at best and it will be finished within a day of 'cross training.

I've stuck with frogs as my knees can't take the spring tension and centering float on Atac aliums, but I simply can not afford to drop nearly £40 every couple of months on new Frog cleats so I may have to look for an alternative.

Does anyone else find them so fragile?

Has anyone tried the womens version of time atac pedals, supposedly with less spring tension. If so how much less tension are we talking?

I believe with Shimano pedals one can adjust release tension. How low can one take it?
Is the float part of this spring tension.

Apologies as I know the subject of pedals comes up fairly often, but I'm faced with a brick wall and don't know where to look for information (from a users perspective) and don't especially relish the idea of using flat pedals.

Thanks for any help.

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I've used Frogs for the last two years on my cross and mtn bikes. Still using the same pair of cleats, never a problem.
I had similar experience to Jeff. I used my Frogs for probably closer to 3 years until I decided to switch to something with more of a positive engagement feel/feedback. I've been riding CB Eggys for the last year + and am now thinking of switching again to the Times.

What exactly did you trash on the Frog cleat? I found them to be bombproof.
Cyclocross Magazine Contributor Christine V has been using Frogs for eons in cross. I don't think she's replacing cleats excessively frequently.

Lubed up the shimano's release the easiest. So easy that even a younger junior can accidentally pull out of the pedals at a start.

My knees need free float (not much but some) and they need to be centered not sliding back and forth (time/crank bro). So it is either shimano or speedplay. I've got shimano SPD on everyone of my bikes. Makes it easy to just grab shoes and which ever bike i feel like. Sort of a compromise on the road. The newest shimano design are much better in the mud than the first or second generation mt pedals.

I love em and can't see why anyone would give up the durability for something else... but i've never heard of durability issues with Frogs and I had lots of friends who used em Mt biking a lot, in sand, mud whatever without ever needing to do much more than clean it off.

Have you tried taking the cleat off and cleaning it?
Crankbrothers are real easy to get in and out of. The tension is less than Time and is comparable to lowest tension SPD's. With SPDs at lowest tension, I always pull out of them but you won't do that with crankbrothers.
Thanks for all the replys.

@Jeff & Kris, It's the two semi circular nubs on the cleats that wear through. In this specific case it is the outer nub on my left foot that was worn through (a groove at about 30 degrees has cut through the centre of the nub) and I'm guessing this is from the twisting motion of my foot from running dismounts. The inner nub is fine. I did about 15 drills to get to this stage, so very very quick wear. The cleat had minor wear from walking previously and no noticeable wear from normal unclipping.

@GeWilli, Thanks for the info on how easy it is to get out of shimanos. I love the feel of frogs, but the wear rate I'm experiencing does not make them a viable option.
I clean and lube the cleats with a dry, non-sticky teflon spray fairly often. My drills were on dry grass so there was no added abrasive material.

@Katsu, I might be able to get my hands on a set of eggbeaters second hand fairly easily. My only worry is it would take a week for my knees to flair up and a good month of rest for them to calm down again.


I think your other question was about float and release on Shimano spds. The release tension adjustment is separate from float adjustment. Note, on the newer ATACs, the SET adjustment adjust the centering tension, not spring tension, but it could still be heavy for your. Maybe try a friend's?

I agree the tension on the Crank Bros is very light.

We totally geeked out on pedals in Issue 7 btw... But that might not be soon enough if you're changing now. We did not look at Frogs though.

I imagine in the UK you get quite a bit of mud?

Hello Andrew,

Thanks for your reply.
Well this will be my first season 'cross racing but based on walking in the countryside over previous years I am expecting a lot of mud!

Crank bros pedals are looking increasingly like where i'll go next.

You did NOT look at Frogs? Does Christine know about this egregious oversight? ;)

The horror...


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