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Hi all!

i've been looking at this forum for a long time, and it inspired me to setup my own project, but: i think i need some helpWhat i want to do:
My bike get's stolen over and over. Its a common problem in the Netherlands: Whatever i do, even if i buy 4 bicycle locks: someone steels it. So, i want to take revanche! My idea: Build in a raspberry pi (zero?) into my bike, with a camera board and a GPS tracker. Once my bike gets stolen i want to be able to make pictures of the thief and locate my bike and get it back.Its quite a challenge because there is not a lot of space on a bike, but my idea was to hide the camera in the bicycle bell and a raspberry pi zero inside the frame of the bike, including some batteries and a LTE dongle. But, even when i'm able to build in the raspberry pi and the camera: How in earth do i trigger the raspberry pi to boot up, when stolen? I want to prevent making selfies and draining the battery when not stolen, so it only needs to be turned on when stolen.

I had some idea's: Put some kind of button underneath the saddle and a motion detector; every time when i get on my bike i just press the button to let know that the bike is not stolen, if i do not press the button and motion is detected after a minute the raspberry pi turns on and as long is the battery holds its going to upload photos of the thief to my FTP server.Is this doable? And, do you have some idea's about how to turn the pi on only when its gets stolen?

Please help

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