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Hey all,
I live in Little Rock Arkansas, and I'm trying to put together a race schedule. Even group cross rides to fill in the schedule would be great. If anyone knows of any races in bordering states that I can get to in under 6-7 hours that would be great. I have looked in the race section, and it feels like I won't be putting together a busy schedule.

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The Texas schedule just got decided - there will be 2 weekends of Premier Cup racing in DFW, which is not too far from you. Over MLK weekend in January will be the Lone Star Cyclocross Festival in Austin - it will definitely be worth the drive

Also, look up Kurt Elgi in Little Rock - he's an ultra runner but was a regular at the Dirt Derby when he lived in Austin
Hi Keegen,

Though most of the races will be a pretty serious drive for you, check out the Tennessee racing schedule:

We're looking really lucky this year (and we'll be tired!) with racing nearly every weekend from the first weekend of September through the last weekend of February. Since the drive will be fairly long, try to pick out some of the weekend races (races offering Saturday and Sunday) so that you get more bang for your gasoline buck. Also, I think that the Hoss of Cross in McEwen and the Cross The Way Cyclocross Series in Nashville would be closest at about 5 hours.

Good luck and see you at the races,
Thanks a lot guys. Really appreciate the help. I don't mind driving five or six hours. I look forward to seeing you out there.
Keegen, Memphis is 2 1/2 hours from you.

We have 5 races here.

The TN state champs is right on the Mississippi river and is sanctioned.

The other races are unsanctioned. 3 of them are in the CycloCrunk series. Just fun races. No organization or classes. Runwhatchabrung.

The third is on the WinterSolstice and is run by the guys at FixMemphis (search for their blog). Also unsanctioned, but also on the MS river.....

Good luck
Just for clarification, they've moved the TN State Championship race to Johnson City this year (actually next year) on January 31, 2010. In fact, there are no TBRA races in Memphis this year. That just seems wrong though! I guess no one from west TN wanted to sanction any races this year.

That just plain sucks. I had not heard that yet, but admittedly could not find it on the calendar for this year...... Sheesh..... : (
Found a further clarification on the Outdoors Inc Race in Mid-November.

For what I can tell, it appears the race will still go on as originally thought, it just won't be the state champs.


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