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I dont know about any of the rest of you But I am pissed at this magazine. I in good faith sent payment for subscription and all back issues, $75 worth and have received nothing. I tried to call and the phone has been disconnected.Its been well over a month. I want my damn money back! Filing a dispute with paypal tonight!

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hey ronnie,

just left you a long-winded voicemail, but you have every right to be frustrated. I looked it up and indeed I missed seeing your payment email (partly because it was a custom order when i was away from email vs. our typical google checkout system) and you should have gotten your back copies much earlier. we did several shipments between your order and interbike and you should have been in those and it simply was a bad oversight on my part. it reveals the very fragile nature of a one-man operations team, and although it's something i've been trying to address in a sustainable fashion, haven't yet been able to do so.

some folks get great, timely service and others haven't, and I hate for lucky timing of when they email/call to be the determining factor in this. my wife was a huge help in back copy fulfillment but as you can imagine with our first baby born (and her being pregnant before), that's been beyond her bandwidth right. so that's been on my plate and i haven't done a great job on that.

the only thing I can suggest for anyone with similar problems is to try to give us another ring or email if your first inquiry isn't responded to immediately, and know that I'm trying to improve the level of service.

hopefully that shines an honest light on the situation and slow customer service - ronnie, i hope you enjoy the mags and the few extra's i threw in there.

Thanks so much Andrew. Much respect to you. Your a stand up guy.
when will the next issue be out?


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