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Tire question. Challenge open tubulars & Michelin clinchers.

I was wondering is there a real difference between the two tires as far as ride quality?

At the moment I have Michelin Mud 2's and Jet tires.  Was thinking about the line of Challenge open tubulars Griffo, Fango and Limus.

If anything, I may just bite the bullet and go 100% tubular glue and all.

Any thoughts?

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Michelin have decent ride quality.  I don't think you will notice the big step up until you go tubular, however could try clincher with latex tube.  I'd go tubular

The Challenge is a vastly better tire. Wider casing and slightly more supple too. However the tread is pretty different, so I'm not sure what conditions you want to use this in.

If you're looking for a dry tire get the Grifo. If you're looking for a mud tire get the Clement PDX. Both are far better tires than the Michelin Mud 2 in performance and feel.

Not a big fan of the jet, but I've had success on the Mud2 in a variety of conditions.  Never used challenge tires, but "vastly better" seems like a stretch.  You could run a mud2 in pretty much any condition on the rear and almost any condition except heavy mud front and do alright.  There are faster tires for dry grass courses though.  +1 on adding clement to the mix.  Clement PDX up front for muddy courses is a great.

My 2c.

Ran Muds 2s. Good tire in the grass(dry or wet), dirt, some mud. Fragile 

Jet on the rear, for afternoon dry rides on grass, dirt. Fast, but Fragile. Both Michelin tires wear fast, but thats a byproduct of supple I guess.

I have a pair of the PDX clinchers now, and they are very nice. Seem a bit tougher, and while not as fast as a Jet, they do have some serious grip.

Of those I would avoid the Jet if you race early when the grass is wet/dew. The Mud or the PDX hook pretty good in the wet, or mud, or dry.

My good tires are the Grifo 33's, tubular. Not sure about the open, but I think I saw a few sets last week on CX night. 

If I had to race one tire/clincher I would do the PDX. I think %90 of the guys last week had the PDX clincher, or Tubbie. I would like to run the Tub version, but the Grifo's come in a bunch cheaper when bought 'off season'.

I live in Northern Indiana, so take that into consideration. I like having a few options, but have limited funds, so maybe a few good clincher options vs. one real nice Tubular set?

I do miss the old green Michelin sprints though.

I like having a few options, but have limited funds, so maybe a few good clincher options vs. one real nice Tubular set?

This is what I did last year and it worked great.  I had 1 set of dugast typhoon tubulars which was great (I live in Indiana too) since we only had a 2 or 3 really muddy races.  In the mud I ran clinchers (PDX front, Mud2 rear).  In real slop you aren't railing corners hard anyway, so the advantage of the supple sidewalls of a great tubular is not as apparent as in dry conditions when you can really hit corners hard and trust your tires to grab grass (IMO).

One thing I would add is that if you're going to buy a new pair of wheels to use in conjunction with an existing wheelset, make sure the rim widths are compatible...I had hed belgium tubular rims (wide) and mavic ksyrium clinchers (narrow) and it was a huge PITA to switch back and forth between wheelsets.

Yea, I use the A23s, and the Major Toms. Works great when going back and forth.


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