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I'm not able to find the answer I'm looking for so I'm going to probably ask a question that's already been asked.  If so - please direct me to a potential answer....


Who am I:



Wheels: Tubular (I'm new to tubulars for Cross)

Tires I plan on purchasing - Dugast Typhoon

Category racer 1/2

Location - Northern california (minimal mud, mostly sand - grass - wet (but not heavy) and NO snow).


I've alway's used clincher tires with less then positive results.


I'm set on going to Tubulars but I just don't know what width to purchase.

I do plan on racing in the Masters worlds this year so size MAY play an issue.


For my size / weight do I: 

1) do I go with the 32 or the 34

2) if the 34 doesn't fit the worlds but are the better tire - I could buy a second set for that race.


Thanks for your help


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32's are fine for you and clydesdales alike, if you want a smoother ride, go with 34's. On a side note, I think the Typhoon is too much tire quite honestly....the Dugast Pipisquello would be far more ideal for wet grass... just sayin'  

If you're going to Worlds then you'll have to have less than 33mm tires. Those are the rules.


However, if you are going to Worlds I suspect you'll want something more than a Typhoon, despite your local racing. Instead of going Dugast have you thought about a pair of Grifos and a pair of Limus? Way more versatility there. Or, get a set of PDXs. They're 33 and very fast in grass with excellent mud abilities too.

I am curious as to what gain you see in the Grifos over a set of the Typhoon tread pattern looks almost the same to me?  I certainly go with a versatile tire like these over a file tread, but based on his NorCal description would consider a file tread (Pipisquello or Grifo XS) as a second wheelset over a mud tire like the limus/PDX.

Problem with setting up tires for one specific race is that conditions can change.  Louisville was dry and fast this past weekend, but could easily be a wet muddy mess come January (I rushed around getting file treads glued up for CrossVegas only to have it rain that day).

What if I were to remove the "Worlds" requirement.

To say it a different way --- If I were to only race in local (non UCI) races - would you go with a 32 or 34 for a person my size and weight?



I'd go 34 if you are not going to Worlds.

I would go with 34 mm. Currently I am running 32 and 33 but even the 33 mm are need more pressure compared with the 34 mm. Typhoon are for best for most condition but also the Pipistrello are good except wet grass. Indeed I think that the tread pattern is not the most important factor for a good tire. Rhinos will wear out very fast and you will only have some advantages under very muddy condition (here tires in 34 mm are also very weak since they will "swim" on the mud).

I would second the vote for PDX Crusades. They're 33mm and the tread is really versatile, wet or dry.


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