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I'm looking at getting a set of tires for the one race in Maine this year.  I'm sticking with Schwalbe and I have 2 $30 choices, the CX Pro and the Smart Sam CX.  In the wired version they are the same price and about the same weight.  But the CX Pro is 30c and the Smart Sam CX says 35c but is really a 37C.  As a 6'2" and 225lbs first time racer do I go skinny or fat?

Just fyi, the Sam has better rolling resistance but is still nobby, where the CX Pro has bigger lugs for mud.

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Spend more money... get better tires....
I just can't justify $80 tires for the first race of this type i've ever done in my current economic condition. The difference in price is literally gas money and entry fee. Basically I can get good tires and not race, or get cheap ones and race.
Pick up the tire that will fit the conditions you will be racing in.
Having never done a race, and with randomness of Maine weather, I don't know what the appropriate tire would be. Kind of why I am asking.
I would suggest the wider tire, being a newer rider, it will give you more confidence in the corners
Unless you're expecting lots and lots of mud, get the bigger tire. It will be a lot more comfortable for a guy your size and will give you better grip.
+1. Unless it's a really fast hardpack, you'll go faster with a wider tire at a lower pressure (see the CX Mag rolldown test... iss #4 I think?). There is some division on the fastest way to get through mud but for you, that's something to worry about further down the road.
+1 Yeah - this should be your best bet.
I would also recommend spending a small amount more on a folding bead tire. You spend a lot of time accelerating in cross, and that extra 100g per tire for a wire bead makes a pretty huge difference.
I'm 250lbs and run a 32 on the rear and a 35 up front. Tire width is not so much of an issue as is tire pressure. Bigger guys need more pressure to avoid pinch flats. I like the Kenda cross supreme ( great all around tread) and you can get them in a folding bead for around 30$. Just get a couple extra tubes and ride on some bumpy, rooty terrain before the race to try and figure out a good tire pressure for you before the race. I run 65 psi and havn't had any problems with flats. Cheers
Thank you everyone. The consensus is overwhelmingly pro fat tire. Now I know. Thanks!


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