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I have to stop training on tubulars ( getting expensive)  and want to set up a tubeless wheelset. What is the latest on tubeless tires for cyclocross. Is the Hutchison or Raven with Stans rims the only way to prevent burps? I have heard a lot of complaints of burping with low pressure tubeless set-ups this last fall.

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I have Mich. Muds on an old pair of Mavic elite rims with stans rim strips(cross version) Training w/ 30psi. Work great!
Hey Thomas, I'm new to cross and in the process to building a cross bike. I just about the Mich. Muds and was thinking about getting the Ultegra 6700 tubeless wheelset. Did you have any trouble getting the Mich Muds on your Mavic with stans rim strips since the Mich Muds aren't tubeless?? I know some tires are a pain in the A$$.


I have Fulcrum Racing One 2 Way Fit and use Hutchinson tubeless and a clincher set up for both racing and training and had no problems this past season. Willing to sell one set of Fulcrums.
Thanks, but they are a little pricey for my budget.
Campy Zonda's and Fulcrum Racing 3's come in 2-way fit now. And just to cover myself, you can get both with HG compatible freehubs.
I'm running new Ultegra 6700 tubeless wheels with Hutchinson Bulldogs with no problems @ 35PSI.
The Shimano wheels are probably your simplest set up for just getting some tubeless technology going. The 6700 wheels are an amazing deal from Shimano. Really nice, really solid design and great bearings. I'm racing a set on the USA Crit circuit this season because they roll so well.

I currently have the 7850s up on the site here: with a review. It should give you a good idea as to the tubeless capabilities.

With the larger volume tires burping will still be an issue. The michelin tires are a little lower profile (if they're old) which is why they work a little better. Just make it simple and run some bulldogs. Its only training afterall.
Ksyrium Sl's w/ Stan's sealant, no rim strip needed. Held air from sept till jan. till I finally decided to inspect the system and remount tires again with new sealant. Great season of racing w/ not one problem. Saw many people around me pinch-flatting during races. Ran tires between 30-40lbs depending on the course. Sold on it and gonna run the same next season.
Stan' Notubes is releasing a tubeless road rim this Spring called the Alpha 340. I recently started working for Stan's doing customer service. More details will be avaiable soon.
I ended up buying Ultegra tubeless wheels and mounted the Piranas. I weigh 175 and have been running 30 psi rear and 26 front ( I put a 0 to 60 psi gage on my pump and I can dial in the pressures). I have about 4 hours of training on them without incedent and I bottom out several times a lap. They ride pretty nice, a little occasional washout on the rear.

I doubt I will race on them as I have a quiver of tubular wheels for all occasions. I bought the Ultegras from some French company on Ebay. They were $400 and arrived in 10 days ,free shipping, I dont know how they can do it for that price Everywhere else they are $600. Be aware of the fake french paypal e mails that follow, delete them. They are trying to get your paypal password.


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