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Just got a pair of Tubeless clincher rims.  I ride in So Cal so no snow or heavy mud. Any suggestions on good cross tires.  Mostly ride Aliso Creek, Irvine Lake and  on grass in local cross races.  Suggestions?   My Tufo's are warning down.

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You might also think about getting the Velocity Major Tom or the HED C2 rims (Bastogne through Flanders). These 23mm wide rims alleviate the problems that others have mentioned with the Shimano specific rims. The Shimano rims are 19mm wide, which creates a lot of pinch at the bottom of the tire. At low pressures, this is why they burp in CX. The lesser pinch of the tire profile on the 23mm wide rims has worked better for us on CX tubeless conversions.

Always use Tubeless specific tires. You can always convert a rim (I've been racing Bontrager Aeolus 6.5 carbon clinchers this season in the USA Crit Series without a problem), but you can't covert a tire.

Good luck!!
good advice re: wider rims!

regarding converting tires - that definitely applies to high pressure road tubeless - a safety hazard for sure as the tire bead on normal tires will blow off at high pressure.

not so much for low pressure cyclocross though. many (including us) have had good luck converting other tires, at our own risk of course.

In case this helps anyone, I am building up several sets of A23 and Major Tom wheelsets and couldn't find the recommended spoke tension for these rims anywhere.


Here it is, I got the figures straight from Velocity:

102kgf front

117.4kgf rear (it's the 0.4 that makes all the difference ;-)


I have used the Hutchinson Bulldog and it did really well in holding air and staying on. It was an absolute nightmare getting the tire on a Stan's rim. Probably the most difficult tire I have ever tried to mount. Not sure if it was the rim or tire or whatever.

I never once flatted, so that is good, but changing a tire like that on those rims would not be fast. I just however mounted the stan's raven tire on his rims and they too were a bit difficult to get on. Not terrible, but more effort then normal. They sealed up with out sealant or bubbles. Dry and ready to go. They also roll well and hook up just fine. Looking forward to giving these their due before I switch back to the Griffos, which are just wonderful, but not able to be made tubeless unless you spend way too much time with your tires.


let us know how those rims work out, esp. for tubeless.

They are awesome!

I'll have to get someone else to report on them, because although I'm building them I'm not riding the A23s, I am sticking to tubs (no pun intended) with Major Toms to race.  I will get some A23s as I am already sick of adjusting the brakes and I have only swapped wheels out once!


FWIW, the listed ERD on Velocity's site doesn't match what I measured up.

I am using:

A23 601mm

Major Tom 600 (they list 596 which leaves several threads showing).

I measure mine so the spokes are flush with the nipple screwdriver slot.


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