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I am very bummed about Hutchinson's changes to the Bulldog/Piranha. The new ones are UCI legal, but for 99% of us this is not an issue. I now need to find a tire that i can run tubeless on Ultegra tubleless wheels. Who can share some of their experience with me? no burping please...



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I've got two single speed races on the Ultegra wheelset running the 700x35 Schwalbe Rocket Ron tubeless ready tires.  No problems yet, am running just under 40 psi (Im in the 190 pound range).

shop set up some of the Clement PDX on the Ultegra wheels tubeless but had to use two butyl rim strips to get the tires to seal.  customer reported back that they have been working well for training races and full races.  The PDX are supposed to be legal but are pretty fat compared to many 'uci' tire widths.

PDX's are definitely fat.

My 33's look like MTB tires compared to my 34 XG tubes

Still like the 35c Rocket Ron as a tubeless tire on your Ultegra wheels? Any f tire sidewall rolling at lower psi (30-38psi)? Any burps or over-night air leakage?

Vitttoria 700x32 xg TNT, We've sold over 25 pairs of these since June, they rock, 385 grams, tnt "ust" sidewall, haven't heard of any burping at normal pressure, they snap/crack into place when set up tubeless on stan's alpha 340 rims.  We've been selling them for $90/pair.  I've been racing the xg tires on my ss this year and they are great all condition tire, good side knobs, great in mud, fast in dry.

Kenda also has a new tubeless line, sct, I think all 3 or 4 of there cross treads are available in it.  We've set up the small block 8s with no issue, they suck in wet/mud conditions though, the slant six from kenda is another nice tread.

These look pretty good - and are made to be run tubeless. That is way better thasn "ghetto tubeless" - as I assume this means the tire are non-pourous (i.e. you can pump them up without any Stans and they will hold air).

I saw on Vittoria's website that they only come in 32, unlike the non "TNT"'s wihc are either 32 or 34. I wonder how these are volume wise compared to the Hutchisnons. I realy like the "volume". It looks like it gonna be these or Schwalbes as I want to go "tubeless ready"

The Vittoria is a 32 it's not nearly as big as the hutchinson but it works great tubeless and will handle most conditions well. 

I concur that the SB8 is the wrong tire if there's any moisture at all.
I have a pair of PDXs on A23s. Did have some initial issues setting the bead, but I really should've done 2 layers of the Velocity tape and soaped the beads.
I reinstalled the front (after replacing a nipple...) with a second layer of tape, and aired it up no problem, even with a gimpy floor pump.
Seems like a really nice tire. I did the shakedown ride on nearby trails that are pretty loose. The only complaint is the amount of gravel that got thrown up at me!


Anyone tried a Specialized Terra ?

Love my Vittoria XG TNT's so far.

I'm very happy with Vittoria TNT's, or for rougher courses I like Kendra Slant Sixes. I use both on Ultegra wheelsets and other than one tramautic root incident, no burping at all.


 Raced them on a very tough course with rough, dry sections, damp grass, and lots, LOTS of off camber sections! 32.5psi front, 34.5 rear, no burps or wallowing. Love these tires, love the fact that I picked up 5 goatheads the day before and had no worries. Tubeless rocks!

I am using the Kenda Slant Six sealant compatible model. Bead seals nicely on my Enve 29er rims. I have had no burping, running the front as low as 25psi (I am 180lbs). I will say that run that low, it feels wiggly on hard asphalt corners. I have settled in on 28 psi front and 38psi rear. Not sure why I need so much more in the rear--but that is what feels and looks right. My rims are very wide relative to an Ultegra rim. I do lose a fair amount of air overnight--more than what I lose from my tubeless mtb tires, but probably similar pressure loss to my road tubeless. Definitely have to pump up before every ride.


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