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Folks, I need to get my wheelsets in order. As such, I'm looking for one or two new sets of the following. Let me know if you've got em and don't want em.

- Cane Creek Volos
- Easton EA70X

Need to be tubular and Shimano 9 compatible

Thanks much.

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Someone posted a easton EA70X wheelset here the other day.

Why do guys run these? The hubs are terrible. Buying two cheap things costs more than one good thing. ATMO.

Thanks for the tip, Echappe, but I think that guy sold his. As for the Eastons, hey -- I'm all ears if you've got a better option. For me, at least, the chance to get two sets of tubular wheels for under ~$600 is more useful than getting just one set of tubies for $600+. For a Cat 4, the performance difference between an Easton hub and, say, a Zipp hub is probably less significant than the performance difference between tubeless/clincher and tubular. It's at least less "feelable" -- I get a big confidence boost from riding good tubular tires, and I'd like to be able to switch between different tires for different courses. Easier to to with cheaper wheels than pricier ones.
If you don't know ATMO, you're not deep enough:

Two sets of tubbies for under $600. Well... I suppose eBay.
Or I suppose going on CXMag and trying for some wheel love.
Those are good deals. However...

The issue I have is that I already own a pair of Cane Creek Volos, with some file tread Challenges already glued. The rim width of these is 20mm.I also have a pair of Cane Creek clinchers, which I use for training; the rim width of these is also 20mm. I had a pair of Mavics, but the rim width was different, meaning any time I wanted to change out my wheelset (for a different tread, or because of a flat) I's also have to adjust my brakes, which is 1) a pain and 2) not really worth it in a race situation (if I have a flat, I'm not going to stop at the pit, change the wheel, get out the allen wrenches, adjust the toe in, etc.). So I got rid of the Mavics.

What I'm trying to do is not have to totally revamp my cache of wheels. I want just one more set of 20mm-wide wheels, but finding inexpensive ones is proving difficult.

ANyway, that's a long explanation. What I really should do is sell everything, train harder, then school the field on clinchers.
How about a used pair of Ksyriums (not SL) with Dugast Typhoon tubies glued (also used but in good shape) for $300 plus shipping?
Sounds nice. Do you have any pics? Are they Ksyrium Elites? Equipes?
Tires hold air alright? How old are the tires?
Any idea how wide the rims are? 20mm?

Tires hold air just fine. Latex tubes leak down overnight.
These are the first generation Ksyrium SSC's. Not sure how old they have been my wheels for 4 or 5 yrs. They were used when I got them


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