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I know Mastik is the favorite, followed by Continental. But anyone use Hutchinson or Pastali? Curious. I'm not sure why I like to experiment when some things are known to be good, but hey, I'm a bike geek too.

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there was a study of glues a few years back, done at Kansas University. I believe one of the faculty is a tech guy for USAC. I'll see if I can find a link, but one of the issues dealt with was the best glue for carbon rims. I belive Mastik came out overall best for the application.
Colin Howat is the guy at KU. There are a number of papers to wade through, but here's the link for carbon rims/best glue.
thanks mark. i've browsed that report before, was surprised fast tack didn't do very well. but I'm not so interested in carbon rims and pure strength but more like the intangibles from experience over time - longevity, clean-up, staining (i think pastali is red)?
My experience with the Hutchinson glue was pretty bad. It was like sticky snot but didn't actually stick to anything except itself. As that PDF states early, Mastik One is the best. For the best results for 'cross you have to glue-tape-glue with extra applications of glue. Always thin coats of glue, too.
I have used 3M Fastack for the past 4-5 years, and had no problems in any conditions, wet or dry.


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