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ok all i'm about ready do put some new cross tires on my carbon rims, what's you favorit method?

glue and tap or just glue?



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I was (and still am) a big fan of Calvin from Park Tools' method (glue only) BUT that works best for higher pressure road tires, not the low pressure, twisting, and high side-loading seen in CX. Glue & tape the Belgian way for CX, anything else is a distant second. IF the below link doesn't work, go to cyclorossworld, the tech section, and tubular gluing.
thanks man i was just reading that.
FallDownGoBoom is right that the Park Tool method is good, but you have to be so precise with it for CX that it becomes a gamble. Use Tape and Glue. It will last you through the entire season through any and all kinds of conditions. When we glue up the wheels they're so strong that you can ride them completely flat and they won't come off. And you'll need a nice sharp blade to cut the tires off the rims.

Check out our process here at our Facebook Discussion page. If you have any questions about it you can post it there.
and you use this method for both carbon and alloy rims?

The biggest risk is that you have to be very careful when removing the tires from the carbon wheel. We've had customers who have tried to remove a tire we installed and they ended up pulling the carbon off the tire-well.
Belgian method
Okay -- so how do you get the Belgie tape off the rims when you need to glue on a new tire? Or do you just leave it on and apply fresh glue on top?
i have used tufo tape that did not work so well at holding the tire on, and it just kind of pulls off.
but anyone out there do this with the Belgan?
We actually had really good luck with using the Tufo tape, though honestly the "Belgian" tape that Stu imports works better. When installing the Tufo tape its all about the timing of the first app of glue to the tape application. If you can get the tape on while the glue is tacky, it should hold well.

The Belgian is basically more forgiving, so you can be a little more lax in your timing of glue to tape.
My LBS can't seem to order the tape you guys mentioned. They can only get the Tufo... Why is this stuff so mysterious and apparently only available from one place? Does anyone know what it is?
Yeah, only Stu can get it here. I've called around to a plethora of tape distributors in the US (even sent samples) and they couldn't match it.

If you're really looking for the tape, you have to get it from Stu at
I don't have enough wheelsets to justify a large roll, but I did track down the small rolls. It took me much longer than I care to admit to find this, so I thought I would save everyone the time and effort- thought you should know... Got mine in about three days after I placed the order.


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