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Has anyone run Stans sealant in tubular tires? I'm running tubulars for the first time this year and Utah is goathead central. I know from cycling this summer that Caffelatex isn't going to cut it, I covered the road more than a few times with puddles of latex that never sealed the hole. I was thinking that Stans, a latex based sealant with particles might work better. Thoughts, suggestions?

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I ran Stans in my TUFOs last season and was very happy with it. Planning on doing it again this season. Had to replace one tire last year after getting a large enough cut in the tread from some hidden metal edging on the course that the sealant would not reliably seal, but there was nothing to be done there. When it does its job, you'll probably never even know about it, which is exactly what I'm looking for!
If you have a removable valve core, Stans Notubes Sealant is the stuff. If your tubulars (or tubes w/ clinchers for that matter) do NOT have removable valve cores, caffelatex is the best option. Caffelatex works almost as good as Stans, don't be afraid of it.

'nuff said.
I'll be running Vittoria Cross XN and XG tires with removable valve cores. Perhaps Caffelatex works better at typical Cyclocross tire pressures (25-35 psi) than it does at 100 psi like I've been using in my road tires this summer.
We actually run Stan's as a preventative measure on all the rental wheels. It adds weight, but it definitely seals up punctures.
Thanks, that's just what I wanted to hear.
How much Stan's do you put in each tire?
We put in the Stan's recommendation of 2-4oz. It this small bottle, basically. In the shop we use a large syringe to inject it and refill from the 32oz bottles. Its enough to be effective while not completely weighing down the tire.


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