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So what's the deal with these cray Tufo models.....

What is the difference between their Flexus models (Cubus, Primus & Dry Plus) versus their Elite models (aptly named Cyclocross 30-32-34 & Diamond)?

What happened to the original Flexus 32?

And why do they say in their mateirals that 65psi is the max pressure (like that's what we want as corssers) versus telling us what the lowest psi is instead?

real time experience on how low you can go pressure wise and thoughts about what the best model is Flexus line or Elite line is appreciated.


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hey bazy,

max pressure is because of the construction - there's no tube in there to handle the air pressure, and the sealed casing can't handle super high pressure.

low pressure - the 14-year-old junior at 80 pounds will ride in the mid-teens in pressure, you might ride in the mid 20s and gewilli would ride mid 30s I'm's based on rider, not the tire.

the casing is different on the elite vs. flexus. I forget if the colored tread is a different compound or not...
got the flexus primus 34mm. They are pretty tough and can be sealed. Usually run them in the mid to high 20's (I'm ~160 lb). They are great for bump-fest dust bunny courses we get every couple of weeks in CO. One combinaiton that has worked well for fast but bumpy courses is the primus flexus 34 on the front and a grifo xs 32 on the back. The flexus acts like a suspension fork, and the file tread rolls so fast.
great advice & suggestions (thanks mike & andrew). i was considering a similar set up with flexus 32 on the rear and primus 34 up front. our norcal courses are similar to CO as they tend to be bumpy and dusty too.
i think zac dabb runs what he calls the eastern bloc mullet with a primus and cubus front/rear combo, but i forget which order. damian h would know...
The Flexus was replaced by the Flexus Primus. The tread is a little different - a bit more aggressive. The Standard Primus is not as high level as the Flexus Primus. :)

I my experience the Flexus line is more supple (by Tufo standards) than the Elite line. Tufo has very specific tires for training conditions as opposed to racing. As a tubular company, they pretty much have to have a selection of "training" vs "racing" to give themselves price points and options for customers. For racing, stick with the following: Flexus Cubus, Flexus Primus, Flexus Dry Plus.


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