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Hey guys, 

So I'm in a bit of a pickle with tires/wheels. I'm a 200 lb Cat 3 rider, and after taco'ing a Stan's Iron Cross front wheel, I decided to run Mavic Cross Max SL wheels (with disc brakes).  I love the wheels, but I'm running tubeless tires and I'd like to explore the option for tubulars. RIght now I have to run about 40lb and am wary dipping below that pressure as anything lower seems to be the burping point.  I'd like to be able to run slightly lower pressure with perhaps tubulars, but I dropped bank for the MAVIC wheels, and they are plenty strong, so I am wondering if there is anything to these Tubular for Clincher tires?  Is anyone running them?  Do they even exist these days?

Now, I'm coming across discussion a bit on open tubulars….. are these the coveted missing link?

thx, Nathan

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I'm not sure the Tufo tires are still around in that model. They weren't that great to begin with and you can roll them off too. I've done it. They are a pain to mount too.

Open tubular is a clincher of a certain make, so it's not really anything new.

You can easily find tubular wheelsets with tires for $250 or so. Keep looking around. Maybe sell the Mavics to cover the cost? You can always build up a lighter stronger wheel for less by hand than Mavic sells out of the box.

Hmm, ok.
If I go tubular, then the main thing will be to get as strong a wheelset as possible (disc hubs). What would you suggest that would be stronger than the Crossmax's?

Easy, Nathan.

Get a set of hubs (32h or 36h) and have them built up to Velocity Major Toms.  You could probably find some older Deore hubs (36h) that are almost bullet-proof for very little.  

I'm also around 200 and have raced a set of DuraAce/Major Tom's (28h/32h) with Challenge Fangos for 2 seasons with no issues.  I usually run 26psi-front/30psi-rear.  

You could end up with those built up for easily under $500 all in and if you go to a good builder they could take your size, riding style and wheel weight into consideration.

Hope that helps


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