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Anyone have any experience with the Vittoria cross tires? I especially interested in the XN or XG since we don't get a lot of rain here in SoCal...



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I used the XN and XG exclusively this past season with great results. I used the XN on the rear and XG on the front for the first part of the season when things were really dry and fast. I switched to XG both front and rear for the 2nd half of the season when we started to get a little rain and light mud became a possibility. (sadly no good deep mud ever formed). I did manage to pinch flat twice, but I ran the pressure pretty low(25ish) for my weight (190lbs) and I hit those two rocks REALLY hard. The first I was really flying down a very fast hill and came into a flat area covered in fist to baby head sized rocks and managed to tag one strait on with my front wheel. The 2nd time I flatted was also from a fairly out of control decent. This time is wasn't really my fault. One of the cable set screws came out of my front brakes some time during the race so when I started down a sketchy section and got off track a bit the brakes didn't work and I continued way off course until I slammed into a very large 4ft. rock which sent me into a nice yard sale. Both pinch flats happened within the first few weeks of the season with out of the ordinary conditions. I managed the rest of the season with lots of traction and no pinch flats. I'd recommend the tires for everything but mud and really wet, mushy, grass.

cool review, thanks!


Anyone else have any experience with these?

I have some XN tubulars that I just took off if you would be interested in them. Used aye five times an they were taped on so they have no residue on them. Basically brand new but stretched. Let me know Ill give you a price and pictures.

I just got  a new bike that came with the XG pro.

I'm too lazy to switch to my Michelin Mud 2's (plus I'm just a Masters racer, so why not?) so I will be racing the XG's twice this weekend; September 17-18.

I will try to remember to report back if I notice a tangible difference between the XG's and the Mud 2's.



Just following up. I raced the clincher XG pros twice this weekend on dry, grassy courses. I weigh about 188 lbs and ran them with about 34 lbs pressure. I hit more than enough places that could have caused pinch flats so I would give them high marks there. I also found them every bit as grippy as my Mud 2's.


If I have a different experience on a muddy or snowy course I will re-post.



I have both the clinchers and tubs of the XG.


love them in mixed conditions and on sandy courses. as stated too much mud and they get slippery.


i find them pretty supple and can run them reasonably low and they still feel good. you can find them for a decent price if you look around.

I ran the XG clincher last year, and guess I'm in the minority for not liking it.  It was low volume, and I pinched once despite running higher pressures than I would have liked (I had the 32, presumably better in the 34).  I also didn't think it handled cambered grass well.  I've switched to the PDX this year, and - one race in - am very happy with the change.

As you should be -- your results show it.


Okay, just to be clear, while I am undeniably a bit of a dork, I am not that much of a dork.  My sweet, supportive wife was trying to give me some surprise anonymous props, and didn't realize that by using the same computer, the post would show up as me.  Which may make me even more of a dork, I don't know.  Hey, at least it wasn't my mom.  But anyway, sorry for this (now extended) conversation with myself.
I used XN at the beginning of the season and did not care for them (despite dry packed courses) - not enough grip on anything but paved.  XGs in the same conditions have been perfect. Yes, they were slower on paved sections but the trade-off worked way against the XNs.  Tubular setup here.
Raced the xg tubies today and loved them. Conditions were slightly muddy to dry. Tires hooked up very well. Pressure was 42 rear 38 front. Was able to pass a couple challenge riders who went down due to tires sliding out.


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