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Hey guys.  this is my first post on this forum.  I've been racin cross for 2 yrs and after losing some weight, I'm ready to start taking it serious. I'm currently 6'3" 210 lbs and plan on being around 195 by cross season (ive been doing the paleo diet since jan 1).  I'm thinking of upgrading to carbon tubular wheels next season, specifically the Revolution rev-50x set.  Their suggested weight limit is 220 lbs.  What does everybody think about that? Why do some companies list weight limits and others dont? How accurate are they? What does riding style have to do with it?  What does that mean? Do heavier riders have a significantly higher chance of cracking rims than 150 pounders or is the chance just a little higher?  Do heavier guys roll tubulars more? And finally what do you all think of Revolution wheelworks? They seem like a good company.  Makes sense to me to get 2 sets of these as opposed to to one set of zipps, enve's, or reynolds.  I really appreciate all your thoughts and suggestions.  Thanks.




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I can't answer all your questions, but I will say that the REV 50x is a great wheelset and their rim replacement policy is the best out there.  I cracked one at only 165lbs, so it probably has more to do with tire pressure at the time and avoiding curbs and such.  If you are sketched about carbon, you could build a set of wheels with King or Novatec hubs, Mavic Reflex rims, and either Sapim CX ray or Laser spokes that would come around 1400 grams.


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