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So, I probably shouldn't ask this here--but what's the story with FloCast/CyclingDirt?


Nashville, TN

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the first race they broadcast was terrible...feed was broken and it'd often freeze for minutes at a time.   spookycross was better but the announcer was annoying as hell and it wasn't colt.  i appreciate colt now after that dude.  i missed boulder cause i was actually racing. 


This isn't Sporza - its a couple of guys trying to put together a grassroots broadcast.  Its 10 times better than last year, where they had 2, maybe 3 cameras total.  At least this year they can cover more of the course.

If you want good coverage, watch the euro races on  One can only dream that North American racing will reach that level in a few years.

Actually, what I was enquiring about was the rumor I heard via Twitter that Colt wasn't associated with cyclingdiirt at all anymore. Does anybody have any information on that?

I love Colt's passion for the sport, and the energy and coverage the site provides generally. And as to coverage, you do what you can with what you have. Given the paucity of coverage I've lived with for years, and the fact that *I'm* not doing it, my sense is beggars can't be choosers, and I'm thankful for getting any coverage at all.

Of course, without Colt (if the rumors be true) --the person who has become the face of the site--it ain't gonna be the same ol' Cyclingdirt, that's for sure.

Nashville, TN

wow...crazy.  i thought cyclingdirt was colt's baby from the get go.


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