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I cracked a Cane Creek carbon rim at DCCX and want to keep the hub, but get a different tubular rim.

I am not all that crazy about carbon (and not good enough so that it makes a difference), so what rim might folks out there recommend?

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KinLin TB-25
How many spoke holes you have?

Mavic Reflex or Velocity Escape is good for 32h.

Kinlin is probably right on since it is a little deeper.
We use the 28h Escapes and they're pretty solid.

Remember that you have to rebuild the hub with the same lacing pattern as you had it on your other wheel. So if your carbon wheels had a radial lace, you have to lace up the new rim radially. If you try to change the lacing pattern the flange on the hub will be stressed in another way which can cause failure.
hey michael,

curious how you cracked it? hit it or just from stress of use?
Sorry for the late reply. Cracked it in a race. DCCX, going up a steep rise with some tree roots that were exposed. I was feeling pretty good (late, but good nonetheless) and was passing a few people. Went up that rise pretty fast, must have hit a tree root, and that was it.

Took a big gash out of the tire and wrecked the rim.
Hi Michael,

I've cracked two Cane Creek carbon rims - one Aros 58 and one Crono 58 from back in the day. One consideration would be to contact Cane Creek and let them know you're interested in a new rim. They lace their wheels on site at their factory in North Carolina; hence, if they've got an alloy tubular rim laying around, they may be able to re-lace the wheel using the identical pattern. I've worked with them with wheel issues for years and have nothing but good things to say about their customer service.

Another reason to consider this option - Cane Creek had an awful time with sticky freehub bodies with their rear hubs back when they were making geared hubs. If the wheel that has the cracked rim is a rear, they may be able to give it a once-over and ensure that the hub is in good working condition before this season begins.

As Echappe, Katsu, and Britton have already indicated, any of their recommendations will be great, too.
Mavic R-sys do the trick for me. They're light, responsive, and surprisingly strong! They've always held up for my riding style. The Ksyrium SL Premium is also an awesome and super-strong choice.
Look into Fulcrum 2 way fit. I have been trying a pair and they are fantastic. Tubeless set up without the hassle of glue. Low psi (lower than clincher set up)
Cheap and hard to break: Escapes! I've got three sets and love 'em. Slightly heavier than the Mavic's but the little aero shape helps shed grass, mud and sand - plus makes 'em a bit stouter, I imagine. I'd like to hear more about the R-sys'. I can't believe you'd run those in cross. Scary monsters!
The whole Cannondale/CXW team rode them last year (right?) without an explosion!
The fact that you add "without an explosion!" tells you all you need to know ... my team manager doesn't allow me that kind of budget for wheels.
not entirely true...


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