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The roadies break out their indoor vomit-comets as soon as the water starts to drizzle down, or when it gets a bit chilly outside. But that's prime cyclocross weather! Cold, wet, rain, snow, yee-haw!


So really, when do crosser's break out thier trainers? When it's sunny and 85 F?


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I live in South Carolina, and I've gladly ridden my trainer when it was too hot to go outside.

Typical standards for me are:

When it's ridiculously dark. Early before work, or late after work.

Severe weather. Bad lightning/thunder. Heavy winds closing in on tornado velocity.

I also used my trainer a few times last season for tabata intervals. Mainly because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get home if I did them on the road. Otherwise, I avoid it.
I've been keeping my road bike in the trainer. I've got an infant, and on the days when I'm home with her I can jump on when she's napping for an hour or so. It's that or only ride twice a week, or so.
It's dark when I get back from work already... I love the trainer. I occasionally ride with lights, but I'm sort of obsessive about cleaning my cx bike, and don't have enough time to to both train AND clean my bike multiple times a week. The trainer works well.
That's an easy one.......We bust out the trainer in the pit for warm up!
It is why I do cross. As a roadie, a trainer is how you pray. CX it is being a whimp.
Joseph is right, in the pits for warm up. I like a place near the couse w cowbell handy. Super high intimidation factor!
Sothat was you! Geez, I'm just trying to get by in the C race, dude!
You can always tell the guys who ride the trainer by the blinding whiteness of their calves.


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