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When should i start adding in intervals etc into my training

Hi all hoping someone one can help me out.

My X season is 11 weeks away and am still just doing base training. When should i add in intervals and that type of training and what sort of things should i be doing.

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Work on you skills/transitions and start with some hard efforts of various lengths. The best way for me to keep fit is to go out on group rides and I do the occasional criterium. I don't race till early oct. and will start various running workouts in august. Another great thing where I live is once a week there is a short track mtn. bike race...enabling me to have my heartrate pegged for 30-4o minutes. Doing these reminds me how CX is a sort of timetrialing sort of sufferfest. Also, some guys don't touch their CX bike until they race. I do a lot of "pleasure" rides on trails/fire roads on the CX bike to tune up. If you can, try and do your workouts with other people.

Your question is pretty general and the answer depends on a variety of factors: how fit you are currently, what events you want to do well in during your season, how long you wish to remain competitive, what your strengths and weaknesses are as a rider, etc.

That said, there's no ideal time to start doing intervals because there are intervals of all types to train the different energy systems. In other words, you should be doing intervals now. As you know, cyclocross is a short, intense event, punctuated by bursts of power over varied terrain followed by periods of short recovery. Your intervals should take this into account to help build your power under those types of conditions.

If you haven't been doing any intervals to date, you might start with shorter intervals with more recovery, then over the next few weeks gradually increase the length and intensity of the intervals while decreasing the recovery time between. Try sets of uphill tempo intervals (5-8% grade) with recovery time equal to the length of the interval-- keep your upper body quiet and focus on good pedaling technique using your core, hips and legs only. Overgeared intervals simulate riding on grass and dirt and help to develop raw power: use a gear large enough to pedal at only 60rpm, and gradually increase to a normal 90-100 rpm cadence over a length of time. Power starts or overgeard stall intervals simulate the start/stop staccato of cyclocross: while riding on road or dirt, coast to a very slow speed (almost a stop), shift into a *much* larger gear, then start again while keeping your upper body quiet as possible. Alternate the starts with opposite legs.

There are many other options including running (with and without the bike). Use your imagination and make it fun. The key is to start your intervals now- 1-2 times per week with adequate recovery- and gradually increase the intensity of the intervals in lead up to your competitive season.
You should get your butt to the ICA 10's fella!! ;-)
You're right, first round is 13th Sept, so not far. Lets hope Brickwall farm is not as muddy as last year!!!!!
I am going to have to start doing techinical/sprint work earlier this year. So will probably start soon.
Chris Gooch (him and Daryl are riding for VCR this year) is hoping to get some training sessions started soon.
Probably at Foxhall.
If you fancy hooking up soon to start some technical sessions, give us a buzz.
Email me at and we can swap numbers.


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