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So now what for all intensive purposes the 'cross season has come to that unwelcomed end in this part of the world, other then travelling 5 plus hours to the nearest race what am I going to do now?

1. Read and re-read the CX magazine hard copy.
2. Read and re-read the cx magzine forum postings
3. tear the bike apart ....AGAIN!!!!



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your life sux!
thanks for the confirmation :)
You should simply move. No doubt. Pack up the family and move to New England, Kansas City or California where CX happens through the end of December- possibly through January!
Yeah, we've got the fix for the jones in Kansas City. We race until mid January: Series60CX then some of us head off to Belgium cuz we can't stop the urge:
Masters Worlds Trip
Just because there's no music doesn't mean you can't play the game. Get some friends together, form ad hok races. No formalities needed. Just get out and ride. Yes, it's a little difficult to get motivated on your own, it's just like those running groups, only we're on bikes. Or like a group road ride, only not on the road. You get the point. Call a friend and go ride. If you want the full monty, have a few other friends show up with cowbells.
Wow, I have to travel 4 1/2 hrs to race at all. Doesn't stop me from rereading CX, looking at forums, and tearing into the bike...
The season doesn't really end here until spring. While our State Championship is on 12.7 and the KISSCROSS Race Series finale is in Holland (Michigan) on 12.14, after that we have the Versluis SNOWCROSS series offering a race in January, February, and March. These races are big, and MUCHO FUN ... with a let's say some festive partying to be done at the end of the day ...


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