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Looking for some places to take my cross bike, i was wondering where people like to ride their cross bikes in maryland

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First welcome to the group!!! as far as rides go, Loch Raven is a great place to ride, not too technical and ride-able for cross, there are some very Cross friendly shops around, Mt Washington, Twenty.20, and Proteus down by college park. Many will have cross practice as we get closer... Aug usually. As for road rides there are a ton, I know that the Monday night Lutherville Bike shop ride has some good hills, avg about 18-19mph and last about 1.5 hrs... good base and training there. There are a bunch of Sat rides and then the kill yourself Wednesday night Worlds at Oregon Ridge... I think t is a BBC ride. I train up at Pine Grove middle or Honeygo Park, Pine Grove has great run ups and some off camber to train on, just follow the Frisbee Golf course, I have made a good 4 to 5 min loop that is great, has some pacing areas, some technical, and 2 longish run ups. If anyone else is interested and has some equipment, barriers etc we can setup an informal training there one or two nights a week...

Thanks! I've ridden my mountain bike in loch raven often before all the hubbub over riding the singletrack started. I've never ridden my cross bike there and im excited to do so, i guess i could stick on the fireroads and i hope theyre long enough to give a good workout for a n00b. I'm still trying to build my endurance up and start training to ride beginner cross races and be competitive. Ive ridden rosaryville on my cx once and it was pretty awesome, ive only had my cross bike for a couple weeks and im in the process of stripping my hardtail mtb and building up my full suspension frame. In the future when im up for it i'd be interested in doing some training with you guys. Nice jersey btw, as a Towson Alum i was wondering where you were able to find one?
I was the team fitness coach and Mech in 1998-1999 only one riding cross and MTB... back when I had form... :) now just trying to keep up and loving every minute of it
do you guys know if the cut lawn areas in rosaryville are for cyclocross?


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