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For many months, speculation has run high -- and supplies have run lower and lower -- regarding the future of Pedro's, maker of tools and lubes.

Latest blurbs indicate that Pedro's did not have a presence at this year's Gloucester CX, for the first time in ages. A recent "warehouse sale" was cash/on-site only (no mail order). The company's pro-deal web site for industry employees has nearly zero inventory available. And the only time the phone actually gets answered it's by a machine.

They make great tools (their tire lever is probably the best yet) and synthetic, bio-friendly lubes, and a lot of folks would sure hate to see them flounder. Anyone have some solid info on the company?

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great question ... last year Pedro's had a great team with sweet bikes (Cielos - pit bikes too!), and were present at all of New England's big races, not just Gloucester.  I haven't seen them at all this year, and from the info you just provided, it's not looking good for them .. .. bummer.
Dang... usually if the company sticks it out for more than a couple of years, all is good. Maybe one day we'll know. It is too bad.

They're gone. No website. But, I did score one of their cog wrenches, which replaces a chain whip, from Excel Sports Boulder. Formerly around $32, got it for $8.95.

There's a Master Tool kit on eBay right now, and some Pedro's tools as well. Bet they all go away pretty soon. It's too bad, really; they had some good ideas and their lubes were especially good. It's possible their lubes are being picked up by some larger company but that seems unclear so far.  ..::sigh::..


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