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Who was the kit manufacturer for the USA Team kits at Worlds?

Pitiful to have leg warmer issues for Katie Compton....almost embarrassing. Great Job by ALL the women out there today, just a stellar showing. Rachel Lloyd=rockstar.

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it has to be Calvin Kleinless or somesuch untrained fashion house.
those kits are hideous atmo.
The kits were made by Nike. They are summer TT suits with lots of vents and fit like shit for cyclocross.
typical USAC "love" for cross
what the hell does NIKE have to do with Cyclocross in the USA? Jeeez, lets get the teams what they deserve, something that WORKS, looks killer and is constructed specifically for what they are out there to do, Race CX. Summer TT suit in the Holland hanus.
i've been looking at photo's post race...

it seems that for the US the gals were all wearing their own leg warmers (everyone seems to have a different brand). Maybe Katie is used to wearing her's with a skinsuit that actually has leg grippers instead of the retarded design that nike gave them... would be nice if they got a whole kit for the $800 instead of just a skinsuit, leaving them to scrounge the other pieces out of their own wardrobe.

Not that their own wardrobe would be lacking in stuff - these are pro women we're talking about...

still seems pretty wrong, esp considering how pro many of the other women's teams looked...

oh and the design sucks... sucked when they unveiled it - still sucks today...
They say "Nike" on them but I believe were made by one of the U.S. companies... One US team member thought it was one of the "V" companies.
this season USA national teams are going to be riding hincapie sportswear clothing. I am good friends with Rich Hincapie and the change has already been made. That means our cross team may actually get thermal skinsuits this year....maybe. I know they make them. As for the skinsuits from last year they are labeled by Nike and were Nike because nike still had the patent on swift suits. Hincapie has also developed such a suit and it will be used this year i think.


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