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Anyone have info on how to get live coverage in the US other than with The UCI says Universal Sports but their website doesn't mention it


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Is cxmag not going to do a link like they did for Nationals?  

Any body know what time its on?  I figure 3pm Euro, 9 am EST?

Sorry to hijack and not give any answers.

They have a Worlds page up but no info on coverage.

It's really frustrating how hard it is to find info on this.

Hey guys - it's complicated. USA Cycling KINDLY provides the feed for cx-related media companies they trust for Nationals.

For Worlds, according to the UCI, Universal Sports owns the rights - and the UCI won't provide the feed to anyone else. We've begged, asked. No luck. It's out of USA Cycling's control too. 

Universal, from what we can gather so far, isn't doing anything with the rights this year, which is frustrating as fans of course. But the community might be able to change that. 

We'd love to see the UCI Channel open up to US viewers. You could always try a proxy or VPN if you wanted to muck with those things...not that we condone that but we want everyone to watch the world's best! 

Show your interest here and we'll let Universal Sports know there's demand. 

Aw, man, that stinks.

Maybe we could lobby Universal to either relinquish the rights so the UCI would open up US coverage or maybe they could even stream the Euro feed?

Cross fans unite!

Email Universal here:

Go to the customer service link in the bottom right corner

The power of social media is amazing - it will be available!


Great news. Hoping KFC finally finds her year.

Aw - Comcast (SF Bay Area) dropped UniversalSports last year along with some other interesting stuff. Still, I can get NBCSN which sort of makes up for that but still I am in search of some way to watch.

Cycling.TV does not look like they''ll get it else I would pay for a subscription. 

Rapha store?!?!

Any Belgian/Dutch TV channel showing it? I have a European proxy if needed?! I am trying to do it the 'right way' though.

With a Euro proxy I think you could do the UCI channel on youtube, but I'm not sure.

I got an email from saying they were doing it, but then when I went to their website it didn't show

Well, lovely: Locally we have Cox cable. Cox hasn't signed up for Universal's "TV Anywhere" so we don't get coverage. Universal says they're "new" to Cox. Hmm. I've been watching Universal on Cox for well over a year...

page just posted on says links to follow:


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