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What is the most important criteria you use when choosing a category to register and race? Such as...

Always register/race within currently designated USAC classification?
Podium potential?
Point accumulation?
Crowd avoidance?
Crowd participation?
Covert competition with other rider(s)?
Open competition with others, friends, etc.?
Self evaluation among better riders?
Pride? (...moved up and don't dare move back.)
Fear of other riders, or butt-kick avoidance?
Scheduling? - family, work,!?

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I just got my upgrade to cat 2, thankfully in time for nationals registration, so early this year I was racing for upgrade points, especially in the larger PNW races. Locally I race A's and now that I'm a Cat 2 I'll be able to race the Master's 1/2 races, which is where I probably belong.

I only got called a sandbagger once this year before getting my upgrade, a guy gets to win a race once, right?
I hate sandbaggers so I do my part and upgrade as soon as I can. I race A's/Elites. When UCI races roll into town, I bump down to 2/3 (which honestly hurts the 3's) but next year I should be fast enough to do the UCI Elite races

Doing the last race of the day does have its benefits for me. I have to drive 3+ hours to races so racing at 2-3pm lets me sleep in my own bed and drive out in the morning rather than having to drive out the night before or waking up at 3am
Right now I'm in the C's, but with a recent string of good results I'm thinking of trying my luck in the B's and upgrading. Either that or if I get a SS crosser do two races in one day and take the SS race more seriously.
I like to race B's 'cause it's 45 mins long ... I'm fit enough for 45 mins but not sure I can go 100% for 60 mins if I get upgraded (still my goal for the season). C's are too short at 30 mins.
I cat up as soon as I can, and enter the hardest race possible. I'd rather battle my ass off for 8th than ride hard and wonder what podium position I'll get this time. It's a better way to get stronger and faster than doing intervals at lunch (which I still do.) I also like racing later in the day, even though I have to be there at the beginning of the day since my daughter is racing Juniors, give me a lot of time to pre-ride the course.


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