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A quick poll.  For those times you can't ride outside, what trainer are you using and why?  Or if you 100% don't use a trainer, why?

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Tacx Satori trainer. I got it to replace a Kinetic Rock N Roll, needed something more compact. The Satori is pretty compact and has a remote for the resistance unit. The only real drawback is that it won't work with a cyclocross tire, the larger tires catch on the resistance unit. It comes with a tire block too that is used as a handle for transport.

No trainer - Spin bike at the gym with Led Zeppelin and Metallica on the iphone.  The bikes have clip-less pedals and are fully adjustable, so I can get them dialed in fairly well.  Sometimes I'll ride an hour before a spin class and then take the class too; those instructor ladies are brutal!! 


Spinning away in my garage seems rather depressing.

Computrainer with NetAthlon software.

riding online with people you know (& dont know) makes it tolerable during the winter.

Giant Trainer -- Because my wife bought it for me years ago for fathers day and it works!
Cyclops Fluid 2, previous trainer was a Nahsbar brand. It had a pronounced lean that I could only get rid of by stacking magazines under on side, but it was cheap. The Cyclops is a great trainer, easy to set up and use and has given me no problems in the four years I've had it. I use to use the Carmichael training videos, they are good workouts but rather boring. Lately I've switched to The Sufferfest video series. Still a hard workout but much more entertaining video with good music. I travel several days a week for work, so I downloaded one of the Sufferfest videos to my android phone. Now I can watch it while spinning on a stationary trainer in the hotel gym.
Kinetics Road Machine.  In my garage with the spiders.  Put on the headphones and go.  Or. Head to the studio and attend an indoor class, They use CycleOps Jet Fluids (FitFX Studio in Vancouver). Much better scenery and no spiders :) Pretty much comparable between the two trainers.  The front wheel hold/riser is a little nicer with the CycleOps.


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