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I have a set of zipp 404 tubular wheels, they are not the cross specific 404 wheels. Would these wheels hold up to cross training/racing? I weigh 165 lbs. I had originally purchased these for my road bike, but would like to use them as cross wheels if I can.

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Depends on what year they are. If they're 2008 or newer you should be ok. The only difference anymore between "road" and "cross" Zipp wheels is an increased spoke count on the wheels, but the lacing is the same. Being 165, you're kind of on the edge of what teh wheels can take. This past 'cross season when we sponsored Laura Van Gilder and Will Dugan, they weren't riding "cross specific" wheels, but they each weigh under 140, so they weren't putting a lot of stress on the wheels with remounts and rough terrain.
you know, i've been wondering about something related for a while. if you remove the remount portion of 'cross for argument's sake, and just compare the stresses faced on a wheel with a high pressure road tubular in road racing/riding (potholes, etc.) and that of 'cross with a soft, wide tubular, are the stresses much different? It would be an interesting test. I don't have any strong opinion but have always wondered if 'cross on properly inflated (defalted) tubulars is that hard on wheels, besides a botched, sloppy remount? maybe an off camber section?

curious to hear people's thoughts. go ahead, geek out.
It was my understanding that a lot of a road wheel's strength, or rigidity, came from the high pressure of the tire. I would imagine that 30psi in a cross tire puts the rim under a lot of stress. I haven't tried the whole remounting yet. I'm too afraid of how much its gonna hurt when my 220lbs self lands on the saddle. :D
hopefully i can get some "expert" opinions from the wheel companies tomorrow at sea otter. stay tuned.
Any word yet, or are you guys still partying at Sea Otter?


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