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Hi all, first post. I just tried Cross racing for the first time at SpectaCross at the NJ State Fair a few weeks back. Since then I've been obsessed with preparing for the upcoming season. So it may be too early to say I am "hooked", but I am definitely interested in continuing to test the murky waters of Cross.

I see plenty of races about a 2 hour drive from me in the upper Hudson Valley of NY, lower New Jersey and central Connecticut. I've found a few a bit closer (1.5 hours or so), but would love to get involved on a more local basis.

Staten CX is appealing, but late in the season. Now that the calendar is updated on BikeReg and here, I saw Empire CX on Randall's Island advertised, but was unable to get any further info (the link on the calendar takes you to the Whitmore info). Randall's Island would be a 20 minute drive for me.

Are there any groups out there doing training or races closer to my home base (Westchester County, NY, Southern CT, Northern NJ, NYC)? I'd like to get as much discipline specific practice in as I can, since right now, I have a giant learning curve in front of me.

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Hey man

There are a lot of races around here as well as practices. I think Christophe Jammet and Jed have a practice at Randall's Island and the HIghland Park training series is good. Basically, check out the MAC and Verge Series as your big races for the season. The NJ State Cup is ok, but the MAC seres are a little better for down here. Traveling to the Verge Series can be a little more involved, but worth it for sure.
Great. Good to know. How do I find out about these practice/training sessions or contact these folks who are running them? I'm looking to race some of the MAC stuff, as well as some of the NYCross series. Not sure I want to trek up to New England for Verge, although I'm sure it would be a truer introduction to Cross racing up there.
I really hope they do Randall's Island again this year, it's nice to be able to ride or subway to a cross practice. That doesn't happen very often. I second the Highland Park practices, there's a great group of people that show up at those. If anyone is interested in getting some practices going somewhere in NYC I'd be more than game to help out.
Thanks Mike. I actually work in NJ, so I'd love more info on the Highland Park stuff as well. Any idea where I can find out the practice schedule?

I'd be game for organizing some practices in the area, if the Randall's Island stuff isn't happening this year.
I'll make a couple of calls tomorrow and see if I can find out, because I'd like to head down there as well myself. I've searched the web high and low, but haven't seen any info for 2009. I'll check in with the Rutgers riders, because many of them ride in Highland Park because it is next to New Brunswick. I know some of the Sussex County NJ clubs had clinics last year as well, so I'll see what I can dig up.

Here's another good source for local NJ races:
The HillBilly Hustle is a really fun one definitely worth checking out.

If not, we should definitely put something together. I'm all about getting as much cross specific practice in as I can. I've been logging in plenty of miles, but I want to work on more technical stuff which I think is much easier in a group. I'm on vacation from work for the next two weeks, so I have some extra time to get things organized and going before the season really starts.

Also, if you ever want to carpool to any of the races I'm always looking to share rides etc.

Just saw you were at Specta Cross (missed that before), I was there as well.

I've got a bunch of photos from the race here if you want to check them out:
Thanks Michael. Look forward to seeing what you can dig up.
I have been talking to Jed and Christophe about getting some barriers together (I live close to central park near Harlem Hill water fountain entrance)... Am game to start practicing in CP (or Randalls). Barriers should be ready to go (at least the 2 I plan to build) next week sometime.
That sounds great, keep me updated. I mentioned above, that I'm on vacation from work the next two weeks, so I would definitely be interested in building some barriers to get some practices going too. Do you have a link, or any info on the best way to build them? I have an idea, but I'm wondering if there is 'correct' way to build them, or possibly some more portable 'NYC Friendly' versions. I'm just thinking where in my apartment can I store a couple of barriers?
Pretty sure I've seen some stuff on making barriers using PVC plumbing pipe that are collapsible/portable. I've been thinking about making myself some.
I am making the one's from joedoyle's blog this weekend...
Hi all,

I'm also sort of new to cross, though I did a handful of races about five years ago. I've been working on getting in shape to get back into this year but mainly just riding the road. Anyone out there doing any cross specific training in Brooklyn? Prospect Park particularly? Can't really get to Randall's Island on a weeknight.

I just moved to Brooklyn from San Francisco and am looking for places to ride/train. I was wondering about Prospect Park also. Do people poach trails there? are there even dirt trails? Golden Gate park in SF isn't legal to ride but we did anyways. Only other option I've found so far are those mtn bike parks, highbridge, cunningham, wolfe's pond or ride across the gw bridge. Are there other places to ride dirt in this concrete jungle without owning a car or taking a train?


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