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Hi all, first post. I just tried Cross racing for the first time at SpectaCross at the NJ State Fair a few weeks back. Since then I've been obsessed with preparing for the upcoming season. So it may be too early to say I am "hooked", but I am definitely interested in continuing to test the murky waters of Cross.

I see plenty of races about a 2 hour drive from me in the upper Hudson Valley of NY, lower New Jersey and central Connecticut. I've found a few a bit closer (1.5 hours or so), but would love to get involved on a more local basis.

Staten CX is appealing, but late in the season. Now that the calendar is updated on BikeReg and here, I saw Empire CX on Randall's Island advertised, but was unable to get any further info (the link on the calendar takes you to the Whitmore info). Randall's Island would be a 20 minute drive for me.

Are there any groups out there doing training or races closer to my home base (Westchester County, NY, Southern CT, Northern NJ, NYC)? I'd like to get as much discipline specific practice in as I can, since right now, I have a giant learning curve in front of me.

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Depending on the hours you can hit up Van Courtland Park up here in the Bronx. Its illegal to ride, but in the late Fall no one is there, so its fine. Just dont ride on the baseball fields.

We have been trying to do some weekly CX practices here in Inwood park recently, though I still have a broken wrist, so I'm not participating much.

Riding over GWB you can ride the Riverside Park trails. Its also illegal and this time of year you'll get a ticket, but again, late fall its ok. Riding there can add an hour to the ride between GWB and the upper Palisades 9W route. You can then link up with the railroad trails in Piermont and climb up college hill that way.

Yeah man - lots of stuff here. You just have to look.
I live pretty close to Prospect Park. I train there, and also out by Owl's Head/Canarsie Pier. As unbelieveable as it sounds, there is about 1.5 miles of singletrack-ish stuff out here by the water. Nothing great, but perfect for getting some training dirt on your tires.

I'm always down to ride, as well as carpool to races. I have a car with a triple rack. If you want DM me, and we can try to get some BK training rides going.
hmm not sure how to DM on this thing. I'm down to ride some dirt for sure. My email is dkyar (at) yahoo (dot) com.


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