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This course has quickly become infamous. This years' edition was as miserable as previous, but a better course I thought. I got there early, set up, and tried to get my number and a warm up in. I did the best I could in my sweats w/ about 40 minutes of riding time. I had to stop and stretch periodically, so I could get on and off the bike. It was a cool overcast morning, perfect racing weather. I started feebly in the back of the pack, actually felt good on the run up, and then preceded to get in the single track que, I was happy because my hr was under control, and I was on top of the run up. As we clanked down the trail, people stopping at every opportunity, Blake came crashing by in the grass. I wondered how much energy he was using to do that. We got to the climb and I stood up it, and got past some of the guys in front of me. then the second part of the climb, up to the log, I got passed a couple of times. My rear tire was feeling squishy, and my rim was banging off the ground way too often. When I cleared the log, my rear wheel washed out. I held it but I was unhappy. My spare wheels were at the tent, and at this race, you gotta get help from the pit only. So, I pull into the pit, and get a wheel from Daniel. It's a fine wheel and all, but I am not a fan of the Michelin own fault, should have had my wheels up there. So I go off and I'm in the big middle of the 45+ B's. I find that I am swapping places with guys, gaining or holding everywhere, then I just suck at climbing now a days. I remember hazily wondering if I could put a 32 x 27 on my bike. At one point, at the top of the course, I felt nauseous. I'd just got a hand up from Anthony, and I gave him the bottle, and I sort of threw up some accelerade. Steve Woo was there, and he laughed so I said "I hate accelerade!" then I chuckled, and hit a hole and flipped over my bars...landed in the duff, so I only got dirty, then I continued on, laughing. After that I felt like I was getting better. My last lap was my fastest, I think, and it felt the least worst of them. I got passed by the winner, somewhere. First time I've ever been lapped, I beat the 2nd place guy to the line by a second to keep him from making it two....of course he'd done a whole other lap, so...Good job Andrew!! Nice race.

I'm really glad to have these last 2 races done with. Also, I need a couple of weeks of intensity before Candlestick. I have GOT to start feeling better before the last flippin' lap....

Holding up traffic, I'm sure. Is this the vomit lap? Who knows??

photo by Steve Woo

Congrats Isaiah!!!!

Team tentin' it up...

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Comment by Jon on October 21, 2008 at 7:09am
nice report:)

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