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Trying to locate xcross fans/riders/racers in the glorious state of AZ. If there's enough of us, thinking of starting a group. Respond to the discussion please if you live in AZ and are a 'crosser!

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Hey Jarrod, I live in Flagstaff and have been racing cross for about 8 years. Started out in our Northern Arizona High Altitude Cross series and have been driving down to the Valley of the Sun for the past two years. I really am loving the Phoenix courses, especially when the temp is down and the rain moves in!!! Anywho, there is a group of us trying to get a Flagstaff race "series" going again on the weekends. I will keep you posted on any developments. I unfortunately won't be able to make it down this weekend, but the next time I am down I will look for you. I will definitely be back to the Payson race, I loved that courses! I know I am probably in the minority there. PS I enjoyed reading your race reports from the PHX series! Good luck this weekend!
Excellent! I trust you race Open? If there was a Flagstaff series I'd be there for sure! The xcross the better. Will watch for you when Payson rolls around. That was my favotie course as well. Cross should hurt and man, that hurt. TTYL.
Howdy fellow AZ crossers, I'd have to say I'm not a racer just a fan, but I like by my cross bike as I use them for commuting and mountain biking. I'd do some cross races but I work on sundays so that pretty much out. I'm a massage therapist and would be happy to provide treatments (crossers discount) if you are in the Tucson area.
START AT GROUP. Let's blow this thing up down here. AZCROSS.COM. I want to start a blog for CX Mag! Pics and all to show the country that there is a scene in AZ. The crew that consistantly shows up at the CX races in AZ is tight! We should get more people involved. Lovin it.
Group has been started. Join AZCROSS in the Groups section!


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