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Anybody have a good home made embrocation recipe? There must be some 'cross-savvy masters out there with the wisdom of the ages. I've heard of some guys making their own with some pepper extracts and camphor, but I've never heard HOW you put them together.

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there are...but busy making $$$

This guy made his own and now sells it. Sponsors an elite cross team up here in Boston. He goes a little into the process on his website and it's pretty neat.
Once you get all the raw materials together and then try to mix them you'll have spent more money and time than its worth. One $20 stick of Sportsbalm will last you for months.

How much embrocation are you using that you need to make vats of it?
Try Qoleum products from Belgium. They rock and will keep you nice and toasty!!
if you want to get really cheap, icy hot then throw some chamois butter on over it. if it's really cold out throw some oil of a sort on top of the two. The icy hot will sink into the muscles giving you the warm feel. Chamois butter will ensure that it is sealed in in a sense and will help make it last longer. Then if it's raining or something the oil will keep the cold outer air from getting to the muscles, and will keep a very thin barrier between you and any accumulating rain, mud as it wont be in direct contact with the legs. And it will make everyone wonder who smells like iceyhot on the start line. Thats always fun.
Or you could do sportbalm, or Qoleum. Both work great and are easier than making your own or using my foolish idea! haha


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