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Skinsuits are obviously really popular in cyclocross, especially in the pro ranks. Why? What are the pros & cons over just separate bibs and jersey?

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haha, oh no! Throw in a few sprint intervals and big gear temp sessions during the week and I think you'll get him next time.
Pockets? We doan' need no steenkin' pockets!

Gotta rock the skinsuit man. Snag-free. Seals the dirt and cold out. And they look so wrong on so many ... what more could you want?
con: hard to pee
If you are gonna throw down the $$ for one you better wear it!
i used to think they were super silly before racing cross.

i raced one season with a jersey and shorts and good god, what a pain. i'd end up with my tummy sticking out and my jersey up - right below my boobs.

now, no worries. nothing to get caught on, no belly sticking out. no fear of falling out.


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