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So we've gotten a bunch of tires that we've been testing, and I've been surprised actually at the results so far - weights, widths, and of course, the ride.

Curious to know what your favorite tire is, in which size, in what condition, and why.

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Challenge Griffo in a 32. Tubular, relatively inexpensive. Good mud performance. What's not to love? Plus, Page said that you'd have to be a chump to pay all that money for DuGasts when Challenges were just as good. I think he was sponsored by Challenge at that time though ...

And if you think tubeless or clinchers are just as good as tubular, you'd be wrong.
I've run:
Ritchey SpeedMax 30c
Verdestein 28c
Specialize Baldy S-Works 34c
Specialized Tri-Cross (28 and 34)
Schwable Racing Ralph

I'm ~190-210 pounds (depending on time of year). 6'6"

I've run the Racing Ralph down at around 35psi and had it do the clincher chatter on a high traction grass corner. Too low and sloppy, I generally ran that between 45-50psi. I find that flatting is more picking a dumb line and being too heavy on the bike than tire pressure, but in a pack you don't have a choice and have to prepare for the worst. But some riders do flat more than others.
Personally I'm not sold on Tubeless for me. Any lower pressure than I'm running now with my weight combo will result in burbing and pressure loss from what I've gathered reading and observing.
Some can get away with it but I just feel more confident with tubes in my clinchers. I'd love to go with some tubulars some day. Some day.

The Speedmax tires lock up before they even being to slow me down. Lots of skidding. They corner pretty well but the slowing issue has been a big problem for me.

The Vreds are kick ass. I wish i had them in a tread slightly wider. I've used them in the mud with HUGE success. The 28s grip and turn and basically stick like velcro in sloppy conditions. Down side, even running 55psi I put my head down trying to bridge up and hit a rock and flatted in a race. The tread pattern really is very effective and rolls incredibly well. Not so good on lose corners that require side knob bite (partly because they are so thin, and partly the lack of aggressive side knobs).

Baldies are great on grass crits. The side knobs bite really well in turf. They DO NOT hold on to dry lose soil though.

I will dig through the box and pop em all on the scale and get some measurements as I can.
I have been running Maxxis Locust. Work well in all conditions. They kind of remind me of my old Ritchey Speed max tires I used to run on my mountain bikes. I recently picked up a pair of Maxxis Raze for my pit wheels and the extra sloppy days. But I have not mounted them yet. They look like they should work well.
Anyone tried the WTB Crosswolf clincher? They are 32s. Would be interested in your thoughts. I am in So Cal so that pretty much gives you an idea of the conditions I am looking at.
The WTB Crosswolf's work pretty well. They hook up well in corners. The only time I got really loose was a fast, muddy, downhill corner, but managed to dab a foot quick enough to stay up. No pinch flats but I did have some trouble with the tire folding on tight, fast corners when running low pressure ~32 psi, I'm 185lbs. I'm planning on running tubeless this next year. Mainly because I have to run sealant in my tubes because of all the thorns around here. So, if I can drop some weight and run a little lower tire pressure, I'm all for it.


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