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you gonna have these as big stickers?
shit yeah atmo.
and cloth-y things that you can wear too.
When and where can we get these?
well i should have booty within 2 weeks or so.
i'll likely broadcast it here atmo -
hmm will it work on an orange jumpsuit??? hmmm
Can't wait to buy me some!
Awesome! As a side note I just have to ask what the deal is with you and ATMO? I don't have a problem with it at all, you've just taken it up as a battle cry of sorts and I was curious. Also, I completely agree with the statement, I have a serious stoke going on with thoughts of 'cross season starting.
>>> ...what the deal is with you and ATMO?

it all happened so fast, and was so easy, as if it i was meant to be atmo.
OK cool and all, but kind of potty mouth to wear to events with kids around atmo. My mom prolly won't let me wear it for Sunday dinner either. But none of my cross shit has escaped basement hack modifications, just need a sharpie and it's perfucked!
well i deliberated on this for a good long time, spelling and misspelling it, and then pondering it over and over. at the end of the day, i simply asked my pals what to do, and all (none of whom are prudes or republicans) said to keep it as is. we act this way, we speak this way, we think this way - why reign it in now atmo?

whoa -

Now that the season is upon us....

Is any of this stuff available yet?!


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