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we're looking for input on our next contest. the main goal, as with other contests, is to highlight great 'cross content from the community.

our first contest was themed the "spirit of cyclocross" and the second (winners highlighted in our print mag) was "promote the promoter."

we're open for suggestions on contest #3, to be announced on our website.

some ideas:
-short essays on suffering & pain
-an answers to "why we race" (Santa Cruz's Brij Lunine's relevant and thought-provoking question)
-top 10 cx tips (sorta making fun of the ubiquitous magazine headlines like "10 ways to rock hard abs).
-short fiction

what do you think? what would you want to write or read? a 'cross haiku? post your ideas here.

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I'm for short fiction. Serious "tips on 'cross" are often funny enough on their own, they don't need to be satirized any more than they already are. If it's the old suffer, pain, and why do we fight, err, ride, smaltz, I'd rather see that offered up in some kooky haiku.
short fiction, eh? would you enter CXM's contest if we chose that? i think a cheesy romance involving 'cross would be funny.
Absolutely. Cheese and cross go hand in hand in my book.
cross haiku sounds the best... but if ya do it make it one haiku per person so they really gotta spend time getting a good one rather than using the shotgun technique and hope one of them strikes a chord with the panel...

essays on suffering and pain kinda aren't much different than why we race or the first contest 'spirit'

lists are cool... but overdone... but people like em and respond to em... so maybe just an open ended top ten list for cross? somehow?
How about top tips from Pro's on preparing for the upcoming season.
Or things the pros know and do they don't want you to know.
that's a great idea for an article - but prob. hard to do for a contest. not sure how many pros will enter our little contest. but it'd be funny to do faux pro tips from laymen...
Oh I like the faux pro tips.

"You see, my Dugast Tubulars are actually made from blonde virgin weavers in the hills of...Yes they drink only the finest wines whilst massaging the rubber and transferring the oils and lotions to make it supple." - Sven Nys

"Well, my Dugasts are made from drunken whore clowns the circus has banned from international competition due to obscene acts and illegal importation of cocaine laced tequila." - J. Page
How about Funniest Rude Awakening


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